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Jim Webb on Obama

Sam Stein is a seasoned reporter that now works for HuffPo. His latest interview is with Jim Webb. He calls it an ‘audition’ for Webb, since many think he is on Obama’s short list for VP.

I like Webb, some of his stands on issues are polar opposite of mine, but hey…you can never find a perfect candidate that agrees completely with your pov. Some interesting quotes from the article:

“John McCain’s comment about Barack not having sat down recently with General Petreaus means nothing,” Webb said. “If you know who to listen to, if you know how to make judgments, if you know how evaluate information, you can do that. I don’t think Franklin Roosevelt was ever at the front in France during WWII in order to help end the war.

“Under the right circumstances, you have to [talk to your enemies],” he said. “My model for Iran is China in 1971. China was a nuclear power, it was a rogue state, it had American war on its border with Vietnam, it was spouting the same kind of hostile rhetoric. We took none of our military options off the table, we abandoned none of our alliances, but we reached out in a aggressive way diplomatically to bring China into the world community.

And this final one about Obama’s so-called Appalachia problem:

“It is pretty obvious that there are a lot of people, a preponderance of people, who were comfortable with the notion of affirmative action for African Americans,” Webb elaborated. “Then affirmative action kind of grew into a diversity program for basically all ethnic minorities. I think that’s when you started seeing a reaction among people who were less advantaged among white voters…