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Madoff gets his due and other noteworthy news.

Bernie was sentenced to 150 years this morning. That was the maximum he could be given.

I wonder if that sentence will make his victims feel better, somehow I doubt it. His wife Ruth finally released a statement this morning about her husband’s crime. You can read the entire statement here. I really can’t muster any sympathy for Ruthie.

Joe Jackson is lower than pond scum. He is already getting his worthless, child-beating ass on the tv as much as possible, showing up at the BET awards show last night and having a daily presser when possible out in front of the families Encino enclave. Al Sharpton is also getting his share of tv time as is Jesse Jackson (no relation but I bet he wishes he was).

The biggest media circus in the last decade will now start. Who gets those three little children that lived in a fairytale bubble? Who gets any money..or rather.. is there any money to hand out? Not waisting any time, Joe and Katherine Jackson have filed a probate order and gotten temporary custody of the three children. It’s gonna get real ugly.

Iraq is preparing for our soldiers to start pulling out of their cities tomorrow. This news is scary in that all hell might break loose now that Iraqi police will be in charge. I worry about this, I worry that the innocent will suffer. I worry that our soldiers will be sitting ducks. I just worry period. But I want them all home now..all our soldiers. Don’t leave them sitting in fortresses, just bring them home..NOW.

Finally Tricky Dick Nixon has more of his musings released. I have been reading the transcripts over at the NYT and they are a friggin trip. Get this quote from a Philippines head honcho during the time Marcos took control of the government:

ROMULO: You see, democracy, really, American democracy, is for a mature, highly developed, affluent society.


ROMULO: For a developing society, you need someone with strength.

Affluent society? Give me an effin break dude. Did anyone know there is a website devoted to the Nixon tapes? Yep…check it out here.