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Right politicizes failed NYC bombing.

I really had hoped these fuckwits would just keep their pieholes shut…but alas..that was not to be the case. What is their biggest whine?

That law enforcement mirandized the suspect, an American citizen.

John McCain was right there, with the rightwing nutters, bitching about it. The pompous windbag really went off. From VF:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said reading Shahzad his Miranda rights would be a ‘mistake,’” according to CBS News. Quoth McCain, “Don’t give this guy his Miranda rights until we find out what it’s all about.” 

 It isn’t an option, mirandizing a suspect, its part of our laws and of course part of the due process every American is given. Pander much to the nutters McCain?

Next up we have that massive moron Peter King. That jackass really should keep his trap shut as he shows his ignorance every single fucking time he says anything. From HuffPo:

“I hope that [Attorney General Eric] Holder did discuss this with the intelligence community. If they believe they got enough from him, how much more should they get? Did they Mirandize him? I know he’s an American citizen but still,” King said.

Christ, more time…its not fucking optional you douche nozzle.  What part of ‘due process’ do you not understand moron?

Now, we get to Eric Cantor, scumbag extraordinaire.  In a speech to the nutters at the Heritage Foundation, Eric went batshit crazy, bitching about the Obama administration’s handling of national security, the Underwear Bomber and the Times Sq bomber. It’s obvious Cantor was pandering to the wingnut base, so why link to his bullshit? Thanks for politicizing national security you friggin, pathetic idiot.

A sane voice in the whole mess is retired General Paul Eaton. He was a guest last night on Countdown. Part of the transcript is here on the National Security Network site, of which Gen Eaton is a member. A shot from General Eaton at the fuckwitted Republicans:

OLBERMANN: If you are the FBI agent and the police officers who spent 53 hours straight on the manhunt that was successful and as Mike Sheehan pointed out, you throw in the time of the flight that they had as a pad to Dubai, they didn`t catch him at the last second before he left the country or would have gotten out of the grasp of this country. They got him about a day before and got him after about two days and a few hours` work. What would it feel like to have done this job and have lawmakers back at home of any stripe criticizing you in the job that you just did?

EATON: Well, not good is the answer. Since January of 2009, we have seen a relentless attack on our FBI, on our armed services, on our policemen by the Republican Party. Any opportunity that they can find to see a seam to get in there and lay in an attack they have pursued. And, frankly, as a retired soldier and as a guy who supports my police, who supports my FBI, I want them to cut it out.

Cut it out? M’dear Gen. Eaton….these fuckers have no intention of cutting it out. It’ all “the party of no” has…attacking and politicizing everything the Obama administration does. The best line I have heard about the Rethugs and their zest to torture and disregard due process was borrowed by Eaton and belongs to Navy Jag admiral named John Hudson:

And he said, you know, the use of torture and these techniques is — that`s the tool of the stupid, the lazy and the pseudo tough.

Bravo sir…bravo! Thank you Gen. Eaton and John Hudson. Bless you gents! Eaton’s interview below:

You have got to be kidding me…

The Party Of Hell No is driving their collective train off a cliff these days…and it looks fucking fabulous from here.  No way they get enough elected fuckwits to repeal shit this November. So…why are they screeching and/or wasting time on it?

Cuz they got nothin’…nothing at all.

And as an added bonus..McSame is so damn desperate he calls in The Quitter..Sister Sarah. She only appeals to the uneducated base…which is a minuscule group within the big political picture.

You go Sister Sarah..keep on dumbing it down for the dumbasses, because anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows you ain’t got what it takes to run a any level above the Mayor of Wasilla.

Oh…Thank You Lawrence O’Donnell..for a job well done during KO’s absence. You need your own show dude..seriously.

Bernie Sanders rips on McCain over healthcare

I love Bernie Sanders.

He did it-Colin Powell endorses Obama


Appearing on “Meet the Press,” former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell says he’s voting for Democrat Barack Obama.

General Powell even gave money to McCain at the outset of the campaign! Powell, who isn’t without his own demons in the run-up to Iraq, lays out every single thing that is wrong with the Republican partys move to the extreme right, Sarah Palin and John McCain and his message, his flip-flopping on the economy..its all here in this six minute statement. He mentions it all folks…every last sickening, disgusting thing wrong with the reichwing nutjobs who control the Republican Party and evidently John McCain.

And for that, I am glad, even happy. Powell has, as I said, responsibility for the lies that led us into the war in Iraq. He never spoke publicly about his fears until it was too late..but he did sort of ‘redeem’ himself this morning on Meet the Press.

IF that doesn’t piss off the Rethugs, perhaps Obama’s latest financial statement will:

Obama raises record $150 million

Fuck you John McCain, and your little lap dog Palin too.

McCain’s ties to terrorists are much more current…and deadly.

Slate has a nice piece up today about McDesperate’s ties to the Cuban terrorists. Make no mistake folks…they are terrorists in every sense of the word. From the Slate writeup:

As a result, McCain’s campaign and advisers find themselves allied with and/or supporting militants who have committed acts that any reasonable observer would define as terrorism. On July 20, while campaigning for McCain in Miami and just prior to speaking at a McCain event, Sen. Joe Lieberman met with the wife of convicted serial bomber Eduardo Arocena and promised to pursue a presidential pardon on his behalf. Arocena is the founder of the notorious Cuban exile militant group Omega 7, renowned for a string of bombings from 1975 to 1983. Arocena was convicted of the 1980 murder of a Cuban diplomat in Manhattan. In 1983, Arocena was arrested and charged with 42 counts pertaining to conspiracy, explosives, firearms, and destruction of foreign government property within the United States. He is currently serving a life sentence in federal prison in Indiana. His targets included:

Madison Square Garden (he blew up an adjacent store);
JFK airport (Arocena’s group planted a suitcase bomb intended for a TWA flight to Los Angeles—in protest of the airline’s flights to Cuba. The plane would have exploded if not for the fact that the bomb went off on the tarmac prior to being loaded);
Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center (causing damage to three levels of the theater and halting the performance of a music group from Cuba);
the ticket office of the Soviet airline Aeroflot;
and a church.

He also attempted to assassinate the Cuban ambassador to the United Nations.

Arocena was also convicted of the 1979 murder of New Jersey resident Eulalio José Negrín. The 37-year-old Negrín, who advocated diplomacy with Cuba, was machine-gunned down as he stepped into his car, dying in the arms of his 13-year-old son.

Also, McSame’s pal Joe Lieberman has promised (video here, in spanish except for Lieberman’s promise) Miriam Arocena he would petition Washington to grant a pardon to her husband. “It’s my responsibility; it’s my responsibility. I will carry [the pardon request] back. I will carry it back,” Lieberman told Arocena just before addressing a group at a McCain event. “I think of you like you were my family. … I’ll bring it back. I’ll do my best.

Bombers and political killers are one of two things…either terrorists or freedom fighters folks…and it all depends on who you fucking ask doesn’t it?

So hopefully if McDesperate brings up Ayers…Obama will have the nads to bring up Arocena. It’s the least he can do…to finally put a stop to this horseshit coming out of McCain and Palin’s pieholes about palling around with terrorists. Another terrorist linked to McCain from the writeup:

Nor has McCain’s senior adviser Diaz-Balart ever wavered in seeking “due process” for legendary bombers and would-be Castro assassins Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch. Both were charged with the bombing of a Cuban airliner in 1976, killing all 73 civilian passengers—the first act of airline terrorism in the Americas. In 2005, when I asked him about those who died—many of them teenage athletes—Bosch responded, “We were at war with Castro, and in war, everything is valid.”

There are plenty of other cuban terrorists/freedom fighters that are linked to the article linked at the top of the post for the full 4-11 on it. They have all killed people…on AMERICAN SOIL for the most part. All of them.

Update: A hug and thanks to Helen for finding this video of McCain with another cuban terrorist Roberto Martin Perez. Video won’t embed or I would put it up here.

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