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Shorter Stewart: It’s a foreclosure-based economy?

It needs no words from moi.

Also…..Meg Whitman IS a Corporate Ho-bag folks. 

Jon Stewart on Bill0’s show.

It’s worth seven minutes of your time to watch Stewart hold his own w/ nutter OReally. 

Jon Stewart: You can’t spell Gold without God.

Jon Stewart slaps Glenn Beck around a bit. It’s hilarious and fucking sad..all at the same time. But remember…Beck only sold 17 tickets at his Boston showing, so the rightwing nuttery factory isn’t hitting on all cylinders. Thank Gawd.

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Jon Stewart on Palin- Spot-friggin-on!

This is fantastic. Stewart really hits all his marks on his ‘special comment’ about Sarah the Impaler.

His best line:

“when you peel back the pretty, shooty layers of the Palin onion, there’s no onion. It’s just a conservative boiler plate mad lib: ‘Freedom is good and taxes are–ooh I need an adjective–how about, I don’t know, silly?’

I love this man. 

Jon Stewart roughs up Faux News..

He dissects the Faux News wingnuts over their response to Obama’s speech in Egypt. I do love this line about Faux’s talking heads..which include the idiot Michelle Malkkkin:

“What a torture it must be for such pretty people to see such ugly things.”

Negativity always abounds in the Faux Noise crowd. Do those assholes ever see anything positive? Nah..

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