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"Those people aren’t stupid, they just have no morals"

Barack Obama is a Constitutional Law Scholar.

Jonathan Turley is a Constitutional Law Professor.

Dick Cheney and George Bush are not Constitutional Law Anythings.

When Professor Turley says Bush, Cheney, et al have no morals and they aren’t stupid when it comes to using torture and justifying it, the man knows wtf he is talking about.

If we, as Americans, allow Bush, Cheney et al, to actually make a case for allowing others to torture people, we toss the rule of law into the crapper folks. There is never any logical or rational reason to allow or consent to the torture of human beings and thereby ignore the rule of law.

There is nothing fucking honorable about torturing anyone. Nothing.

Watch Turley tear the hell out of Cheney, and his band of fuckwits, on their newest defense that torture was allowable and a good thing for America.

And where in the blue hell is the AG Eric Holder and the special prosecutor to investigate the White House and all the assholes that worked there in regards to the torturing of human beings.