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Day two for Judge Sotomayor.

When we last left our fearless SCOTUS nominee, she was patiently answering the inane questions offered up by the idiot republicans on the judicial committee.

Cornryn is now asking the same damn questions all his asshat cronies asked yesterday. Christ these guys are either deaf or have the IQ of a gnat. How many times will she have to answer the same damn questions from the reichwing nutjobs?

You too can watch and listen to these clueless fucking morons online here. This is the third day but actually only the second day of questioning..aka grilling her.

Below is the new logo for the ya like it? 😉

There is video of the asshat Kyl grilling the Judge here on my video page. Check it out and then tell me that you aren’t wanting a cocktail, regardless of the fact that it is nowhere near happy-fucking-hour!

Letting the air out of the rights rant on Sotomayor and race.

The Scotusblog lawyers have studied all 97 race-related cases of Judge Sotomayor. Here are the results, sure to piss off the extremists on the right:

Other than Ricci, Judge Sotomayor has decided 96 race-related cases while on the court of appeals.

Of the 96 cases, Judge Sotomayor and the panel rejected the claim of discrimination roughly 78 times and agreed with the claim of discrimination 10 times; the remaining 8 involved other kinds of claims or dispositions. Of the 10 cases favoring claims of discrimination, 9 were unanimous. (Many, by the way, were procedural victories rather than judgments that discrimination had occurred.) Of those 9, in 7, the unanimous panel included at least one Republican-appointed judge. In the one divided panel opinion, the dissent’s point dealt only with the technical question of whether the criminal defendant in that case had forfeited his challenge to the jury selection in his case. So Judge Sotomayor rejected discrimination-related claims by a margin of roughly 8 to 1. (emphasis mine)

Of the roughly 75 panel opinions rejecting claims of discrimination, Judge Sotomayor dissented 2 times. In Neilson v. Colgate-Palmolive Co., 199 F.3d 642 (1999), she dissented from the affirmance of the district court’s order appointing a guardian for the plaintiff, an issue unrelated to race. In Gant v. Wallingford Bd. of Educ., 195 F.3d 134 (1999), she would have allowed a black kindergartner to proceed with the claim that he was discriminated against in a school transfer. A third dissent did not relate to race discrimination: In Pappas v. Giuliani, 290 F.3d 143 (2002), she dissented from the majority’s holding that the NYPD could fire a white employee for distributing racist materials.

So the nutters like Gingrich, Limpballs etc need to shut the fuck up. Of course they won’t stfu, they will just keep on lying their collective asses off so that they can call her a racist. Smear tactics are what they do the best..other than lying.