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John ‘Torture’ Yoo and Conyers today..

Yoo dances around like the tool he is. This was today’s hearing in front of the Judical Committee. H/T to John Amato at C&L for the heads up on this video. Also Addington’s dumb ass is in this clip as well.

For a nice roundup of today’s hearing..including videos check out TPM Muckraker’s section here.

Gonzo’s Day. Lets just say it didn’t go well.

I watched ALL the hearing today..every single minute. Even got my hairy ass up at 6:32 A-fucking-M to see the opening ceremonies. They took over an hour lunch, which gave me time to check out TPMmuckrakers live-blogging coverage which includes YouTube vids of the real goodies and if they agreed with me on how it was going for Uncle Al. FYI-I call Alberto Gonzales Uncle Al because being half-hispanic means I am related to his worthless ass. At least most Hispanics I know say we are all related. But I digress…

Uncle Al got shafted by every single Senator regardless of party, except maybe Orrin “the nimrod” Hatch. The Senator from OK..a staunch con if there ever was one, told Uncle Al to quit. Seriously, my dear reader. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), one of the most conservative members of the Senate, told Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Thursday that he ought to resign.

That, in and of itself is cause for celebration. But the Dem’s want a punching bag and god help them, the Lord handed them a gift in Alberto Gonzales. He won’t be going away anytime soon..if only because they ‘lost’ over 5 million emails.

The moron said..over 74 times…that he either ‘could not recall’ or ‘didn’t know’. This from a man that said he was prepared.

Christ, my 75 year old mother could prepare better than Uncle Al..and that old coot can’t remember my husbands name half the time.

Chuck Schumer and Leahy both grilled the living bejeezuz out of Gonzo. They did it twice even since they were able to make the rounds of the panel twice. “I think anyone who watched this morning’s hearing can only come to one conclusion, and that is Alberto Gonzales should no longer be attorney general,” Schumer said as a last bitchslap of Gonzo at the close of the hearing.

Gonzo didn’t know squat but the only thing he DID know was that nothing was done improperly. Sen. Kennedy had a hard time processing this as did my own self. How can you not know the system used to pick these guys, who made the decisions to put the specific people on the shit list and NOT know when you signed off on it..but you DO know it was above board?

To end the day..Bush came out w/a statement which said he was pleased with Berto’s performance..happy he answered all their questions..and lol..still supports him.

WaPo has a 4 page writeup. The one quote I like the best from them:

Schumer told reporters after the hearing that despite hours of testimony from Gonzales and other witnesses, the committee still has not received answers on who originally targeted the U.S. attorneys for dismissal and why. He said the refusal to say where the names came from suggests that the list originated “in the White House.”–Alrighty then!

Do something you overpaid lawyers..get this sumbitch out of the Judicial branch and on the unemployment rolls.

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