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Assange talks to Cenk

The Wikileaks founder is on the Dylan Ratigan show. I will put up the video or the transcript when it becomes available. Its available.

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On the home front, Kern County has been deluged, like most of Cali, with unrelenting rain for the last week. Ahnold has declared a state of emergency for our county and five others. Our house is well above the river, so the storm effect on my humble abode is minimal. The outdoor cats haven’t been washed away yet, but the poor things, most of whom are feral, are just trying to find a dry place to hang out. Climate change anyone? We have gotten twice the amount of rain that we usually get in a whole year.

If I seem to be rambling, it’s due to the fact that I am on massive pain meds. Ye olde back is a hot mess and being doped up to my eyeballs 24/7 means my concentration level is in the shitter….and I sleep a lot.

Obama is running his piehole on the boob tube now, so I gotta try to pay attention.

Assange arrested, appearing before magistrate in UK.

Live coverage over at the Guardian site. What they have posted to their site so far:

2.35pm: Assange sought consular assistance from the Australian high commission, according to Channel 4 News.

Sky claims that members of the commission are inside the court with Assange.

2.33pm: WikiLeaks has put out another appeal for funding. “KEEP US STRONG – DONATE”, it tweeted.

With what?

The Press Association news agency has more on Visa’s decision to cut off payments:

    The card payment operator said an inquiry is under way into how the organisation operates.

    The whistle-blowing website has suffered repeated denial of service attacks, moved server, lost its PayPal service and had a key Swiss bank account closed.

    WikiLeaks relies on online donations from a worldwide network of supporters to fund its work.

    A spokesman said: “Visa Europe has taken action to suspend Visa payment acceptance on WikiLeaks’ website pending further investigation into the nature of its business and whether it contravenes Visa operating rules.”

2.28pm: Assange said he would fight extradition to Sweden, according to the Associated Press news agency.

2.10pm: The socialite Jemima Khan has appeared in the court with Julian Assange, according to Sky News.

2.08pm: US defence secretary Robert Gates has welcomed the arrest of Assange. Speaking to reporters on a visit to US troops in Afghanistan, Gates smirked on hearing the news.

“I hadn’t heard that, but that sounds like good news to me,” he said.

2.07pm: More financial problems for WikiLeaks: Visa says it has suspended all payments to WikiLeaks “pending further investigation”.

Earlier MasterCard said: “MasterCard is taking action to ensure that WikiLeaks can no longer accept MasterCard-branded products.”

2.03pm: Hamid Karzai has been teasing the Americans and David Cameron about WikiLeaks, according to my colleague Polly Curtis, who accompanied Cameron to Kabul.

    Making light of what has clearly been a tricky diplomatic period after the WikiLeaks revelations, Karzai said: “You should wait for the British WikiLeaks.”

    Cameron responded: “We were always nice about you,” to which Karzai answered: “Most of the time.”

1.58pm: Assange is due to appear in court in the next few minutes, according to a tweet from Channel 4 News.

 Pretty shitty deal for all funding sources to be cut-off for Wikileaks. But, it doesn’t surprise me.