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First evidence of a DOJ deleted email by Sampson

TruthOut has this lovely gem up on their site:

If you can’t read it, click the image and it will take you to a larger version of it on TruthOut’s website. To excerpt their article:

An internal Department of Justice email dealing with a series of the most controversial aspects of the US attorney firing scandal was deleted by a DOJ official the day after Congress began to address the firings. Three months later, the official told Congressional investigators he had not destroyed any documents or deleted any records relating to the US attorney firings.

This is the first publicly released evidence that individuals directly involved in the plan to fire eight US attorneys have destroyed documents that are of interest to Congressional investigators. This revelation has raised some eyebrows with members of Congress, but officials were unwilling to speak publicly about it. The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee did not respond in time for publication.

Kyle Sampson, former chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and a central coordinator of the US attorney purge, deleted an official email on January 12, 2007. The email was a correspondence between Sampson and the DOJ White House Liaison Monica Goodling that dealt with the controversial appointment of GOP loyalist Tim Griffin to the post of US attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas.

Three months after this email was deleted from Sampson’s computer, he was interviewed behind closed doors by Congressional investigators. According to a Senior Congressional Aide with access to the non-public transcript of the interview, Sampson was asked directly if he destroyed documents or emails relating to the US attorney purge. He answered “No.” The Congressional aide asked to remain anonymous because the interview transcript has not been made public.

The DOJ did not respond to repeated inquires into this matter. Kyle Sampson’s lawyer did not return requests for comment.

Here are the forgotten emails and documents from Ms. Monica’s personal computer. The first page is the introductory email from her attorney explaining why these weren’t turned over earlier. It’s 83 pages of documents. But I am going to slog through them at my leisure.

If the Democrats don’t start doing something with this ‘evidence’ they are collecting, I am going to go postal. I swear on Axl Rose’s little black heart.

EDIT: sitemeter tells me that Monica’s Lawyers spent 7 minutes on my site today reading my writeup on her..attention whores anyone?

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