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O’Donnell tells us what KO did for eight years every night.

I never thought of it this way and I bet most of us didn’t. Thank you Lawrence for putting into powerful words how hard Keith Olbermann worked every day at his craft. KO earned every single, fucking penny he made off the warlords at GE/MSNBC.

You have got to be kidding me…

The Party Of Hell No is driving their collective train off a cliff these days…and it looks fucking fabulous from here.  No way they get enough elected fuckwits to repeal shit this November. So…why are they screeching and/or wasting time on it?

Cuz they got nothin’…nothing at all.

And as an added bonus..McSame is so damn desperate he calls in The Quitter..Sister Sarah. She only appeals to the uneducated base…which is a minuscule group within the big political picture.

You go Sister Sarah..keep on dumbing it down for the dumbasses, because anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows you ain’t got what it takes to run a any level above the Mayor of Wasilla.

Oh…Thank You Lawrence O’Donnell..for a job well done during KO’s absence. You need your own show dude..seriously.

Lawrence O’Donnell goes after ex-Shrub speechwriter

On Morning Joe, which is a rightwing nutter-led show, Lawrence starts foaming at the mouth over the lies and obfuscation being spewed by the Bushie Mark Theissen…all the while Joey Scar is backing the Bushie Bullshit as laid down by Theissen. Calm down Larry, you are going to stroke out over these assholes..and it ain’t worth it as they will never tell the truth or admit that The Shrub fucked up everything he and The Big Dick Cheney™ touched.

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Get em Lawrence!

I do adore Lawrence O’Donnell. The man has his shit together when he faces the opposition. He makes Pat Buchanan look like a bumbling old douchebag on a regular basis.

This video is short but sweet as O’Donnell rips the living crap out of the torture-loving, bag o batshit fool David Rivkin. H/T to Crooks and Liars. First thing he asks this you ever served in the military? Of course he hasn’t..chickenhawks don’t serve, they just send others to do their deadly bidding.

Why doesn’t Larry have his own fucking show?????