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Oh what in the blue hell is THIS SH*T?

Ok, I realize that King James…aka the NBA’s Lebron James, is probably the most important and sought after free agent in the last decade or so, maybe longer. The man, who went straight from highschool to the NBA, is a wonder to behold on the court. He is, without a doubt, one of the best players to ever step foot on the hardwood floors of professional basketball. As far as I know…the following teams are in contention for his services:

New York Knicks
New Jersey Nets
Chicago Bulls
Cav’s (his current and only team)
Miami Heat

Giving him a fucking ONE HOUR (on ESPN, not the NBA network) show to announce which team he is going to sign with is friggin ridiculous and downright disgusting. Disgusting in the fact that King James is supposed to announce his decision within the first 10-15 minutes of the show…wtf are they going to do with the other 45-50 minutes? Show the riots and carnage in Cleveland when they go batshit bonkers over losing Lebron? Show grown men weeping at the thought that Lebron will be playing for a rival team? A few words of wisdom via the NYT, from Jackie MacMullan, an ESPN reporter below:

Jackie MacMullan, an basketball columnist pointed out Wednesday on ESPNews the absurdity of “The Decision.” “I’m a big fan of LeBron James but really, a one-hour special for a guy that hasn’t really done anything?” she said on a network that became JamesNews for the day. “Truly, it’s just unbelievable. It’s unfathomable, yet we’re all part of feeding the beast. We created this monster, and he’s just playing along.”

She added: “An hour special? How long does it take to say, ‘I’m going here.’ I think it only takes 10 seconds.”I don’t know and I don’t care at this point. I just think the hype on this is over the fucking top. 

 Lebron’s agent came up with this stupid idea…it figures, as only a money-grubbing sports agent would think this shit will fly. ESPN will probably get huge ratings and the  commercial spots are probably going for SuperBowl type money.

Even the fucking President has weighed in on this decision that Lebron has to make…I shit you not people. We have soldiers dying in Afghanistan daily now and the Gusher in the Gulf is probably killing off entire species of turtles and pelicans. We have an elected body of assholes that are cutting off unemployment benefits for millions of Americans just trying to make ends meet and feed their families…the list of important issues is  fucking endless.

So, to that end…I give you a little bit o’ brevity from Keith Olbermann and Harry Shearer on this horseshit of a show that will be blasting on my tv tomorrow night at 6pm Cali time…at least it will be until he tells us who the lucky city is that he will bless with his talents. Then, I will change the channel and check out Rachel Maddows show and the repeat of Countdown.

News you probably can’t use..

Roundball took the stage for me Thursday night. King James sunk his only three pointer at the final buzzer. The series is tied 1-1 and now goes to Orlando for two games. Box score here.

Rest of my sports mumbo jumbo is here. Don’t want to alienate my 6 regular readers! 😉

Lebron scored the most points of any player on the court. Still, the Cav’s got to step up. You hear me mutha fuckas?

As far as the Lakers/Denver series..Denver hasn’t lost at home in the post season..the series heads to Denver…please beat the Lakers dudes..ok?

Ok, it’s time to get back to politics..but I don’t want to get back to politics..this IS the roundball playoffs for Christs sake.

Aw..the intensity..the grief, the decisions..Makes politics look like childs play sometimes.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled bitchfest. 😉