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Scooter Libby loses his license to practice law.

Finally the sumbitch pays some dues for his ‘indiscretion’. From the FindLaw writeup:

The disbarment order from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia was issued Thursday. The appeals court said that when a lawyer “is convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude, disbarment is mandatory.”

I wonder if ol’ Scooter was actually going to practice law? I doubt it..somehow I see him becoming a lobbyist or on the board of a big corporation ala John Ashcroft and the big Dick Cheney.

The NYT has a writeup here..the ruling is here (pdf). WaPo gives us their take on it here and MSNBC tells us all about it here. The NYT writeup states Scooter didn’t expect to keep his license any I could still be right about his next career move…

As for his smirk..well, the last picture tells us why he is smirking I think..

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Libby found guilty on 4 of 5 charges.

MSNBC has a writeup here. Scooters wife cried. America cheers. More as it develops. Scooter is out on bail. The charges are below:

Following are the individual charges and their corresponding verdicts:

  • Obstruction of justice: GUILTY
  • False statements to FBI investigators (Russert conversation): GUILTY
  • False statement to FBI investigators (Cooper conversation): NOT GUILTY
  • Perjury to the grand jury (Russert conversation): GUILTY
  • Perjury to the grand jury (Cooper conversation): GUILTY

“Former White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby was convicted Tuesday of obstruction, perjury and lying to the FBI in an investigation into the leak of a CIA operative’s identity. He was acquitted of one count of lying to the FBI”

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