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Holy Joe’s fearmongering Sunday

From C&L a Face the Nation stump for Liebermann. Holy Joe is fearmongering his ass off.

Well thank God Iran isn’t running Iraq as Holy Joe swears they would be if we had left Iraq a couple of years ago. And remember, the surge is working and soon, very soon, all of Al-Qaeda will be run out of Iraq on a fucking rail..and life will be simply wonderful for the remaining Iraqi’s.

It’s a two minute video..and thankfully that is about all I can take of this bag of batshit.

TomsDispatch has a realistic view of the war in Iraq. You can check it out here.

McCain and Lieberman shilling for nuclear power.

McCain gave a speech recently about the environment and alternative energy. Some folks gave him kudos for that speech and his stance, which possibly pissed off a few Rethugs.

Many more of us figured it was bullshit on a stick. And it was

Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and John Warner (R-Va.) are already circulating a proposed amendment [PDF] to their own Climate Security Act that would alter the bill to include more explicit support for nuclear power.

The amendment calls for “a portion of funds, as determined necessary by the appropriate committees of jurisdiction” be deposited into the Low- and Zero-Carbon Electricity Technology Fund already contained in the bill. This money would “fund a tax policy that will incentivize the manufacturing of nuclear project components in the United States.” As the bill stands currently, the nuclear industry would be already be able to access this fund, as would any low- or no-carbon technology. The amendment would carve out specific monetary support for the nuclear industry, while other renewable sources would have to contend for the remaining pot of money.

Johnny McCain is backing these changes. Said a McCain campaign advisor:

“He wants to support the bill, he supports the goals of the bill, but he believes a comprehensive nuclear component needs to be added to it.”

But it shouldn’t be at the expense of other safer alternative methods. Unless that group is part of the folks his lobbyist buddies shill for.