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It Lives!

It only took me 12 friggin hours to get my laptop up and running, which I did myself without any professional help, other than the recovery disc from Microsoft, which was only Service Pack Two.So that means I had to download and install over 200 ( I swear to Buddha, I lost count at 150) Microsoft system/program updates to bring it current to service pack 3 and reinstalling a few things…like Firefox and Opera since I refuse to use IE. Getting the wireless router to work with my computer took over an hour and by that time…roughly 7pm…I was out of patience and in pain from sitting forever staring at a fucking computer screen and reinstalling Windows XP and all their effin updates. Christ, I hate Windows…but getting a Mac just isn’t possible on my income.

Yes, I did have the guy from Norton/Symantec, a patient man named Jason, reinstall it on my system this morning. Since I haven’t populated my system with the backup shit that is online @ Mozy, I figured might as well give Norton another shot, plus they gave me an additional three months gratis…for…cough…all my troubles.

The Bakersfield Business Conference was a joke, and Sarah was a big hit w/the rightwing nutters who dropped a lot of cash to sit in a fucking tent on folding chairs and listen to her, Mitt, Newt, Rove, Cheney and other members of Nutter U talk shit, obfuscate and lie their asses off. 

It’s a massive sports day here (baseball playoffs and football) so I gotta run…please enjoy your day and be good to yourself and others. Karma can be such a bitch you know. 😉

you know its going to be a bad day when….

My fathers neighbor called me at 6am Sat morning. My father had been burned out of his home by the crack heads next door. One of the crack heads didn’t make it out alive, so the entire building was a crime scene by the time I got to Escondido.

The entire building is uninhabitable. He is staying with the neighbor that called me, I am staying with a friend at the other end of the complex.

My dads cat made it out alive…we weren’t sure for about 10 hours, as they wouldn’t let us in his apartment.

It’s gonna be a busy few days as I have to rent him a storage spot and then round up friends to help load a trailer with his smoke and water damaged furniture.

I have no idea what to do with his beautiful grey cat who has never known any place but this complex and he roams it daily…he is an outdoor cat.

Wish me luck…we really will need it.