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What California governor cut from the budget via his line item veto power

It will save our state $510 billion…but what it will cost the poor, disabled and elderly is immeasurable. Both the CA Progress Report and the San Fran Chron report on this horseshit move by the Governator. Here are some of the biggies, from the Progress Report:

A wide range of senior programs – including the Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP), Alzhiemers Resource Centers, were especially hard hit with additional cuts by the Governor.

Also hit hard was the CalWORKS program – California’s “welfare to work” program that serves thousands of low income children and families – many of them with special needs and disabilities, was hardest hit by the line item veto, with an additional $70 million reduction on top of what the Legislature approved in the budget bill passed last week.


Two programs overseen by the Department of Social Services, Adult Protective Services and Deaf Access Program were also hit with additional reductions.


…the largest line-item veto was Schwarzenegger’s elimination of a $150 million tax rebate program for the low-income elderly who rent and a similar $41 million rebate program for low-income seniors who own their homes.

The governor also found savings by cutting funds for a program to help reduce prescription drug prices for low-income Californians.

The folks who need it the most got hosed the worst by Ahnold.. What.A.Piece.Of.Shit.He.Is.

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