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Liz Cheney- douchebag McCarthyite

This nasty skank really takes the cake. She has the audacity to go after the lawyers who upheld their oath and provided the best representation they could for their clients.  She is a lawyer and therefore very familiar with the oath. The following video from Friday’s Countdown show, hosted by Lawrence O’Donnell, highlights military minds from the Bush administration that believe this skank is so full of shit…her damn eyes better be brown.

Folks on the right are also duly pissed about the video produced by Lizard Cheney’s website, Keep America Safe. One of the Powerline bloggers Paul Mirengoff wrote a piece about this heinous horseshit, although he did detract some of what he wrote later. John Bellinger III, legal advisor to Condi Rice has also weighed in on this fuckery:

“I think it’s unfortunate that these individuals are being criticized for their past representation. It reflects the politicization and the polarization of terrorism issues,” Bellinger said. “Neither Republicans nor Democrats should be attacking officials in each other’s administrations based solely on the clients they have represented in the past.”
“We’ve had a long-standing tradition in our country for lawyers to represent unpopular causes, and they shouldn’t be attacked for doing so,” Bellinger added.

Peter D. Keisler, who headed the Civil Division of the Justice Department under the Bush43 administration, has also defended the attorneys in a piece printed by the NYTimes:

“There is a longstanding and very honorable tradition of lawyers representing unpopular or controversial clients,” Mr. Keisler said. “The fact that someone has acted within that tradition, as many lawyers, civilian and military, have done with respect to people who are accused of terrorism – that should never be a basis for suggesting that they are unfit in any way to serve in the Department of Justice.”

I have no problem with the request to name the attorneys, it’s called transparency, but what jerks my chain is the sliming of these attorneys as the “Al-Qaeda 7”. It’s a purely political motivation on the part of Cheney and her co-horts in slime. Even Ted Olsen, Bush43’s Solicitor General, and widower, who’s wife was killed on 9/11 and the lead attorney for The Shrub in Bush v Gore, wrote (pdf) a scathing piece in the Legal Times in 2007 about the witch hunt for lawyers that represented Gitmo detainees. HuffPo has more on Mr. Olsen’s pov along with the reprint of the LT piece. A few quotes from Mr Olsen  and Mr. Neal Katyal’s 2007 article, which rings as true today as it did in 2007:

“The ethos of the bar is built on the idea that lawyers will represent both the popular and the unpopular, so that everyone has access to justice. Despite the horrible Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, this is still proudly held as a basic tenet of our profession,” Olson wrote.
“When government officials are called ‘war criminals’ and when public-interest lawyers are called ‘terrorist huggers,’ it not only cheapens the discourse, it scrambles the dialogue. The best solutions to these difficult problems will emerge only when the best advocates, backed by weighty resources, bring their talents to bear. And the heavy work of creating solutions for these complicated issues can only move forward when the name-calling ceases.”
“One of the wisest things the administration did after Sept. 11 was to permit lawyers to do their jobs in defending detainees,” he and Katyal wrote. “From the enormously talented judge advocates general who directly represented Guantánamo detainees to the hundreds of private practitioners who took on individual cases, they have upheld our best principles by providing a vigorous defense. Patriotism is believing that the American system, not whim and insult, will reach the right results.” (emphasis mine)

That last line should be engraved in stone, in my humble yet vocal opinion. The ABA (American Bar Association) has weighed in on the video as well, from TPM Muckraker:

In response to the Liz Cheney Web ad that questions the loyalty of lawyers who have represented Guantanamo detainees, the president of the American Bar Association said it is “a divisive and diversionary tactic” to impugn “the character of lawyers who have sought to protect the fundamental rights of unpopular clients.”
In a statement to TPMmuckraker, ABA President Carolyn Lamm said that lawyers have an ethical obligation to “provide representation to people who otherwise would stand alone against the power and resources of the government–even to those accused of heinous crimes against this nation in the name of causes that evoke our contempt.”
Lamm added: “The American people understand this obligation, and the corollary principle that representing a client is a commitment to a legal system that requires justice, not to any one client’s political, economic, social or moral views or activities.”

So fuck you Liz Cheney and the burro you rode in on. If brilliant minds on the right lambast your fuckwitted ass for this politically-motivated shit…you sincerely deserve it..and I hope you rot in hell sooner than later, ya worthless cunt.

And take Charles the douchenozzle Grassley with you.

Lizard Cheney doesn’t have the chops to debate Maddow.

She evidently only goes on shows that support her pov or have weak hosts that can’t or won’t call her on the fuckery and lies she spews. From ThinkProgress:

Liz Cheney probably won’t be appearing on Rachel Maddow’s show tonight, either. After Maddow dared Cheney to come on and “debate the issues” with her (something that Cheney is attacking MSNBC for failing to do), the former Vice President’s daughter has instead chosen to appear in a much friendlier setting. According to a Fox News email, Liz will be a guest on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show tonight at 9 pm ET (the same time that Maddow’s show airs on MSNBC) to discuss why Obama’s “‘radical’ policies are placing us all at risk”.

Just like her daddy, she is a putz that can’t handle true debate. When someone can actually counter her bullshit, Lizard Cheney refuses to show up and support the crap she the true bat o’ batshit that she is. Like father, like daughter. Below is a piece of Rachel’s show. Part of the transcript from last nights show, again courtesy of Think Progress:

MADDOW: Our booking producers have been calling Liz Cheney and asking her to come on this show and discuss her ideas, debate the issues for months. We have called her many, many, many times – including twice on Friday. So far, she has declined every single invitation that we have extended.
And I understand – a lot of people say no to being on this show. But not a lot of them do so while claiming that MSNBC is afraid to debate them. Be not afraid, Ms. Cheney. I promise I will not bite.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. The Liz Cheney edition

Lizard Cheney really is her daddy’s girl. She can spew bullshit and bravado like her daddy and then some. All with a straight face.

She has created “Keep America Safe”, a one-stop extravaganza for all things neocon. From Foreign Policy:

Neoconservative foreign-policy heavyweights Liz Cheney and William Kristol are at the heart of the new initiative, called the Keep America Safe campaign. Their first Web video attacks Obama’s decisions on altering the plan for missile-defense sites in Eastern Europe, the Justice Department’s decision to look into interrogation abuses by the CIA, and the pending decision of whether or not to escalate in Afghanistan.

No really, Liz is a heavyweight in the foreign policy area? Who knew? And Billy Kristol, who can’t find his ass with both hands, is also a co-founder? Holy fuckamoly..

Ben Smith at Politico has all the 411 on this bunch of nutters that just won’t go away:

Keep America Safe will focus on issues like troop levels, missile defense, detainees, and interrogation, according to Liz Cheney, who is heading the group along with Weekly Standard editor William Kristol and Debra Burlingame, the hawkish sister of an American Airlines pilot killed in the September 11 attacks.

The group, incorporated as a 501 (c ) 4 non-profit, launches its fundraising drive online Tuesday with a web video accusing Obama of failing to back up his “tough talk” and with a website aimed to provide an organizing tool for hawks.


The group’s mechanics are largely a product of former campaign aides to Senator John McCain: Michael Goldfarb, now a Weekly Standard blogger, is an adviser to the group; its executive director is McCain war room chief Aaron Harison, and the video was produced by Justin Germany, the McCain aide who produced a campaign video titled, “The One,” which mocked Obama as a messianic figure.

They are fund-raising..oh goodie! This means they will lie and obfuscate their collective asses off. All for the almighty dollar…well, it used to be almighty. Get ready folks, the spin machine is warming up!

Watch for Boss Limbaugh to talk this new group’s a no-brainer.