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Chula Vista boys get it done!!!!

Sorry but nothing political this morning. The air here is dirty and deadly for someone with asthma. The fires burning down south are getting bigger not smaller and the smoke likes to wander up here to the San Joaquin valley and then just fucking sit here smothering the valley and it’s inhabitants…but I digress.

I watched the Little League World Series Championship game this weekend. It was a glorious game for Chula Vista and the U.S. in general as they beat Taiwan aka China for the win and all the marbles.

It was a great game to watch, come-from-behind win and all that. Plus, do you realize how refreshing it is to actually watch children play a child’s game? Not high-paid adults that get a hang nail and go on the Disabled list. Kids playing and loving every minute of it. From the LAT writeup on the grand game:

When pitcher Kiko Garcia struck out the final Taiwanese batter Sunday, several hundred exuberant fans at Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Co. were quick to pick up the chant: “We are the champions.”

Chula Vista’s Park View Little League team, dubbed the Blue Bombers, beat Taoyuan, Taiwan, 6-3, to climb the tallest mountain in Little League: the world championship at the annual tournament at South Williamsport, Pa.

It did so with a come-from-behind victory, snappy fielding, poise and sportsmanship.

For a city that often feels overshadowed by more glamorous neighbors, and was dissed by a national magazine as boring, the victory was particularly sweet.

No San Diego County team had won a championship at Williamsport since the La Mesa-El Cajon team of 1961 (two members of which were at Oggi’s to cheer for Park View). The last California team to win the world championship was Long Beach in 1993. (Emphasis mine of course. 😉

It made me puff up with pride, as one of my sista’s lives in CV and CV is part of San Diego birthplace and favorite city on the left coast.

Chula Vista has a bad rap among San Diegans that don’t know wtf they are talking about. Yes, it’s close to the Mexican border. Yes, a majority of the residents are of Hispanic origin. And yes, it’s been called the arm pit of San Diego county for decades and decades.

Fuck you folks that talk shit about Chula Vista. It’s a beautiful part of the county and has coastline with a beautiful marina and open area’s to walk your pets or just stroll around your own self.

So, congratulations should be very proud of yourselves and your team mates. You gents did it!!!!!!

And no one went on the DL or threw a huge temper tantrum at the umpire. Hugs to all of you wonderful kids.