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How can I miss you if you won’t go away Lou?

As a brown bitch I was quite giddy to hear the news that Lou Dobbs has left CNN. But we, the universal we, should not get too excited as Lou won’t be leaving the public arena..oh hell no people!

Surely he will end up at Faux Noise..or perhaps run for some office fitting of his nativist, racist, bigoted, immigrant-bashing fuckery (bear in catcher is too good for him).

As a kiss off for sweet Lou, check out Politico’s page entitled The Arena: Will you miss Lou Dobbs? So far, I have yet to find anyone that will, including one of The Shrub’s henchman, Scott Stanzel, that waxes poetic about Lou. Some of the interesting thoughts below:

Maria Cardona  Democratic strategist and public affairs executive : 
And as for Lou Dobbs, my advice is for him to run for office. Let him stand on his ideas and let him rise and fall by those ideas as he puts them forth in a true fashion on the political stage for voters to embrace or reject. He seems to think he has all the answers so he should put his money where his mouth is and truly put those ideas to the test. And let others ask him the tough questions for once.

 Scott Stanzel  Pres., Stanzel Communications, former Dpty. WH Press Secretary :
I will not miss Lou Dobbs, his show or his “advocacy journalism.” In recent years, the blurring of the lines between opinion and news reporting has damaged the credibility of mainstream reporters and news organizations. It’s refreshing to see CNN make a decision to fill the Dobbs slot with a respected and accomplished hard news journalist like John King. Maybe there is hope for the news business after all.

Yousef Munayyer
Yousef Munayyer Exec. Dir., The Jerusalem Fund :
However, since Dobbs could be nothing other than a seasoned objective journalist, if figured Alzheimer’s was probably setting in and that he would likely be stepping down soon. It happened sooner than I expected.

 Thomas J. Whalen  Professor of Social Science, Boston University :
I’ll miss him like major league baseball misses Roger Clemens, which is to say not at all. As for future employment opportunities, he could check out being a border guard, as the issue of illegal immigration seems to obsess him.

 Victor Kamber  Carmen Group :
Its hard to miss someone who was irrelevant to begin with. Lou Who? He has three choices 1) try to get a contract and job at FOX, 2) Run for political office and see if he really has a following that cares what he has to say, 3) Write books and columns and try to develop a following of opinion leaders that care about his views. . There is a fourth option, one he will never take and that is to go away quietly in the night.

 Walter Russell Mead  Henry A. Kissinger senior fellow for U.S. foreign policy, CFR : 
Dobbs might start out running for a Senate seat somewhere, or he might go for the brass ring and mount a presidential run.

The White House has to hope he will. A third party run by Lou Dobbs would likely give the Democrats a hold on the executive mansion through 2016.

Buh-Bye Lou..don’t let the door hit ya where the good lawd split ya…if you end up on be it..Rupert loves you freaks.