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Global protests around the world yesterday

The following photo essay, set to Neil Young’s Impeach the President” shows quite a few of the International Protests held in support of the March on the Pentagon Saturday. I also included some pics at the end of the Pentagon march and the one in L.A. that I attended. 40 years ago hundreds of thousands marched on the Pentagon. Yesterday..hundreds of thousands marched around the world for the same reason yesterday..just a different, fucked-up war.

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March on the Pentagon again, 40 years after the 1st one.

On the 40th anniversary of the Vietnam war’s March on the Pentagon, there will be another March on the Pentagon. This Saturday the event will be held. Watch the press conference held this morning in DC here. There are plenty of events this Saturday to mark the anniversary of the Iraq War, check out this site to find one near you. I will be attending the one in L.A.

In case your not “old” enough to remember the first one…here is a great video of it;