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Saturday’s National Antiwar protests

Of course the majority of the MSM has little to say on the topic. But IndyMedia,, LAT and have good writeups on the protests held in 11 major American cities. The events were organized by UnitedForPeaceAndJustice, their site has a great section on each city with reports and pictures. A few of the writeups:

On Saturday, Oct. 27, anti-war protesters in Philadelphia formed a human chain from the Veteran’s Hospital in West Philadelphia all the way into Center City, and then proceeded to march down to the the Liberty Bell and Constitution Center. Initiated by United for Peace and Justice, eleven different cities around the nation, including Philadelphia, mobilized Saturday against the war. Read Rich Gardner’s photoessay from the day.

Local media estimated the crowd at over 10,000 in a protest highlighted by a mass die-in during which protestors laid down on Market Street, San Francisco’s principal throughfare. The protest received page B1 coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle (Thousands “die” in anti-war protest on Market St. in SF).

Dynamic, fast-paced, dramatic video of Saturday’s march in Seattle beginning with IVAW’s Chanan Suarez Diaz in Pioneer Square. NYC’s Demonstration via a YouTube vid. More of NYC’s demonstration here via YouTube. 45,000 from throughout New York City, New York State and northern New Jersey withstood the rain to rally and march for peace in Manhattan. Jon Flanders has an excellent photogallery of the NYC march.

As an antiwar rally waged behind her on swampy Boston Common yesterday, Linda Tobin and her two children crouched over a pair of dusty black boots, one of 156 pairs representing each New England casualty of the Iraq war. Despite the rain, over 10,000 people gathered on the Common to listen to speakers, including historian Howard Zinn and Councilor Felix Arroyo, and march to Copley Square and back.

My wife and I attended the Orlando, Florida rally and march today and we’re overjoyed to report that the wet weather did not dampen the spirit of the enthusiastic crowd. We listened to a number of speakers for a few hours before we hit the street to protest the war in Iraq. We sang pacifist songs and chanted antiwar slogans as we marched through the rain drenched streets of downtown Orlando. Our crowd was estimated by the local media at over 2000 people. Picture gallery here.

Salt Lake City’s Peace Potato’s has a YouTube up of their well-attended march.

The marches took place on Saturday in Chicago, Jonesborough, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Seattle. Twenty four other peace demonstrations were held in solidarity across the United States on Saturday calling to END THE WAR NOW with mass demonstrations across Canada, Italy, London, Denmark and the Netherlands.

For more pictures and writeup’s by each city, UFPJ’s site has each one and links to their videos and picture galleries. The Antiwar citizens were well-represented across the nation and several other countries..check it out.

Edit: Robert at Left of Centrist has two great videos up here and here of the Chicago march which he attended.

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Global protests around the world yesterday

The following photo essay, set to Neil Young’s Impeach the President” shows quite a few of the International Protests held in support of the March on the Pentagon Saturday. I also included some pics at the end of the Pentagon march and the one in L.A. that I attended. 40 years ago hundreds of thousands marched on the Pentagon. Yesterday..hundreds of thousands marched around the world for the same reason yesterday..just a different, fucked-up war.

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