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Michelle Bachmann voted against the new GI Bill…isn’t that Un-Amerikan?

From Americans United for Change:

On May 15th, 2008, Rep. Bachmann unapologetically voted against meaningful legislation to establish and fund a 21st century G.I. Bill that ensures our fighting men and women returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan no longer have to worry about paying for a quality college education. The original GI Bill launched millions of families on a course to achieving the American dream – and set the American economy on the right course after a draining war. The new G.I. Bill will help do the same today in an economy slipping further towards a full scale recession. With no help from the Congresswoman, the 21st Century G.I. Bill was signed into law on June 30th. AUFC launched this television ad in May called ‘Lip Service’ in the Twin Cities media market holding Rep. Bachmann to account for failing to support the troops when they return home: