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The "Architect" finally gets his book deal.

First, thanks to The Carpetbagger Report for posting about this. I do love his take on Rover’s shopping around for his ‘deal’. You might wish to read his pov, and the deliciously nasty comments from his readers about Heir Rove, if so click the link above.

It seems Rove had visions of $3 mil in his head as the going price for his memoirs…’fraid not Krazy Karl. His dream never came to fruition. He received half of what he had envisioned.

Aw..too fucking bad. Seem’s no one expects Rover to tell the truth..or at the very least spill his guts about what he did to foist George W. Bush on America for 8 friggin years. A quote from a publishing honcho:

Ashbel Green, a senior editor at Alfred A Knopf, said that Rove lacks the “personality” to fetch “the multimillion-dollar contracts of former Federal Reserve chair Alan Greenspan or former President Bill Clinton.”

He lacks ethics too, but that’s besides the point. Evidently he wasn’t willing to cough up anything telling about The Shrub and publishers started falling by the wayside. It took Krazy Karl three long months to even get what he finally did.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I hope his book is on the mark-down table within weeks of its release. Recently, Ted Kennedy inked a book deal for $8 Rover is feeling unloved this time of year… LOL. So, the Architect got stiffed, and I couldn’t be happier..unless no one wanted to publish it. Mary the shrew Matalin’s publisher Simon and Schuster got the rights..gee, thats a stellar recommendation..not!

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