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The anniversary of the creation of Israel

Tomorrow is the 61st anniversary of Israel’s creation in the middle east. I want Palestinian’s and Jews to live in peace. American Friends Service Committee, AFSC, has a video that shows how the Palestinian land has been carved up during the various decades.

Palestinian’s should be allowed to live on their homeland and be self-sustaining. Israel has taken control of prime real estate over the decades. There has to be a dialogue that offers both groups of people freedom to live in peace. There has to be….

May 15,1948 was a banner day for Jews. It was quite the opposite for Palestinians. The nightmare has never ended for Palestinians.When will peace come to this region..or is the real question…

Will peace ever come to this region?

From AFSC’s site:

There are often different understandings of the history of 1948 and its ongoing significance. We believe that an honest discussion and accounting of this period is central to any lasting and just peace between Palestinians and Jewish Israelis.

61 years of war and turmoil must to come to an end..It will take the entire world to accomplish this. Please, let the conversation begin today.