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Hey Big Spenders!

We all know that the recently held election, what I like to refer to as the silly season, was the record-breaking mutha of all muthas when it comes to cash the candidates spent in total and that which was spent outta their own off-shore bank accounts. OpenSecrets has the pdf breakdown here, but left me give you a few of the highlights or lowlights per vote, depending on your personal ideology.

Whitman’s self-financed spending total — $119 million and counting — utterly dwarfs that of any self-funded candidate who’s competed at the federal level, running either for a congressional seat or the presidency, a Center for Responsive Politics study indicates.

Meggy’s per vote personal payout is somewhere between $57 bucks and $47 bucks, depending on who’s math you use. Then, there is this guy. Poor Jeff Greene, the D candidate for Senate in Floriduuh, who spent $23,808,789 of his own dinero. Each of the 284,948 votes cast in his favor cost $83.55. Jeffy only had $4,000 coming from outside contributions btw.

Sure, he had to buy a shitload less voters than Meggy, but the result was the same in the end. Both lost but Greene lost in the primary to Kendrick Meek, not the general like good ole Meggy Whitman. Meek lost ugly in the general of course to Rubio’s tea party loving ass. Gawd help those people in Floriduuuh.

Oh, and Jerry Govenor Moonbeam Brown spent a paltry $6.34 per handle pulled for him. I just had to toss that in there, it warms the cockles of my little black heart every, single friggin time I read it.

Linda McMahon blew a cool $46,600,161 on her campaign. Her per vote total is somewhere around…wait for it….

A fucking whopping $100.07 per vote.Give or take a few bucks.

Everyone’s favorite NV wingtard Sharron Angle really screwed the pooch with $97 bucks per vote. But that includes the total amount raised by her and her teabagging friends, not her personal largess, spent trying to smear and beat her opponent. Speaking of which, Searchlight, NV’s Harry Reid spent quite a bit less @ $69 per vote to beat her fuckwitted ass.

All that money, all those female losers (all with R’s after their name), it’s a damn shame they had more money than brains, at least when it came to running for public office… ain’t it?  snicker…..snort.

How we got here…

Via The Progress Report:

A CAMPAIGN OF OBSTRUCTION: When the economy was spiraling out of control, Republicans filibustered the recovery. When out-of-control health premiums threatened to sink the entire federal budget, Republicans conspired to make health reform Obama’s “Waterloo .” When persistent unemployment cried out for a more aggressive Federal Reserve, Republicans blocked Obama’s Nobel Prize winning Fed nominee . Even something as basic as regulating the same Wall Street banks that nearly destroyed the American economy nearly fell before a GOP filibuster. This campaign of obstruction was not limited to big ticket items. As of last August, fully 372 bills had passed the House — many of them unanimously — but few of them are likely to every receive a vote in the obstructionist-laden Senate. Meanwhile, Obama’s judges are being confirmed at only half the rate of President Bush’s, and Republicans even stalled key economic policy makers in the midst of a recession. As this campaign of obstruction began to undercut the economic recovery, the GOP doubled down. Republicans repeatedly blocked job-creating and small business-promoting legislation, often killing essential measures or requiring ambitious plans to be pared down into nearly nothing. And this obstructionism helped keep in the economy in the doldrums, the obstructionists’ standing in the polls steadily grew.

FLOODING THE AIRWAVES: Republicans did far more than simply blocking Obama’s agenda, they also waged a multi-billion dollar disinformation campaign to poison the electorate on this agenda. Emboldened by the Supreme Court’s egregious Citizens United decision , the right-wing U.S. Chamber of Commerce waged a $32 million campaign to defeat the President’s allies in Congress, and this campaign was just the tip of a massive iceberg of disinformation. Right-wing front groups like 60 Plus and future Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s (R) Conservatives for Patients’ Rights waged a multi-million dollar campaign to tarnish health reform — often making outlandish claims that the Affordable Care Act would slash Medicare benefits or outlaw private coverage or euthanize grandma. This disinformation campaign was not limited to health reform. Republicans blanketed the airwaves with attacks on President Obama’s successful program to save the auto industry — a program which saved more than one million jobs . The Recovery Act saved approximately 1.2 million jobs and even right-wing economists believe that it boosted the economy by 4 percent , but Republicans have done everything in their power to ensure that no one knows about these successes. Republicans have manufactured economists who deny the effectiveness of the stimulus. They falsely claim that it has not created a single job, and they repeatedly label it a “failed stimulus” — even if they also have no compunctions about stealing credit for the law’s success whenever it benefits them politically to do so.  Two years of disinformation has taken its toll. Although only one-quarter of voters oppose the actual provisions of the Affordable Care Act , pluralities have been so convinced that the law is poison that they now embrace repeal.  Likewise, two-thirds of voters share the false belief that the Recovery Act either hurt or did not affect the economy.

That voters bought into the fuckery foisted upon us by the graduates of Nutter U aka, the GOP/Teabaggers…well, it really jacks my jaw. Not once did any of the Rethugs tell us how they would fix anything, including and not limited to the economy, job loss to overseas nations or reforming healthcare.

That the Democraps refused to tout their accomplishments and play hardball like the Rethugs also pisses me the fuck off. Only at the end of the election cycle did the Dem’s start lobbing negative, mostly true, ads at the assholes on the right. That’s when you saw Boxer and Brown pull ahead…only then.

Get off your asses and vote today!

No one has bitched about Obama, his administration and the fuckwads in Congress more than I have…that said, the rightwingers from Nutter U are all fired up and will probably show up, enmass, at their polling places today.

We need to do the same. Giving those douche nozzles and douchebags a free pass simply because we don’t like the Democratic candidates is simply fuckwitted. Sure, it’s another one of those elections where we pick from a list of idiots and carpetbaggers but folks…

Give The Big O another two years before we pull the rug out from under him. As a brown bitch I feel slighted by our current administration and their minions in Congress. As a supporter of civil rights for the LGBT community, I feel down right pissed-the-fuck-off and screwed over.

So take the whole half a friggin hour to drive to your polling place, get in line and vote. Sure, it might leave a shitty taste in your mouth…but what choice do we have at this point when all the haters, bigots,fucktards, jerkwads, teabaggers and wingnuts are fired up like a horny college kid at his first kegger.

Send them a message….its OUR country too and mutha fucka’s we do not like your brand of politics. Refuse to roll over and let them gain control of Congress.