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Stop the Army’s Stop-Loss program.

Some jackass at the Heritage Foundation, who is also safely living in the United States, describes the military’s Stop-Loss Program thusly:

“It generally helps prevail in conflict and avoid the further loss of life,” said Eaglen, “because as a trained unit, this group has functioned together, they’ve lived together, they’ve fired weapons together, so they will in theory be a more effective fighting force.”

Fuck your theory pal…seriously. It is a backdoor draft, among other things.

It is estimated by CBS News that 12,000 soldiers are being ‘stop-lossed’ by the Pentagon currently. As one mother of a stop-loss soldier said in this article:

They’re just recycled over and over and over again until they’re totally used up.

No one will convince me otherwise. Stop the Stop-Loss. Now.

A british commander in Afghanistan tells the US military to get the fark out of his Province

WOW this rich or what? From IHT:

SANGIN, Afghanistan: A senior British commander in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province said he had asked the U.S. military to withdraw its special forces from his area of operations because the high level of civilian casualties they have caused was making it difficult to win over local people.

A U.S. military spokesman denied the request was ever made, either formally or otherwise, but the dispute underlined differences of opinion among NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan on tactics for fighting Taliban insurgents and concerns among soldiers on the ground about the consequences of civilian casualties.

A precise tally of civilian casualties is difficult to pin down, but one reliable count puts the number killed in Helmand this year at close to 300 – the vast majority of them caused by foreign and Afghan forces, rather than the Taliban.

Our ‘side’ killing more people than the Taliban? Sweet Jesus on a ritz..thats one helluva way to win friends and influence people ya know? If you can’t win them over, just bomb them out of existance….

Will our military ever figure out how to fight in this type of conflict? The overkill element isn’t working out too well for them is it?

Check out the rest..seriously..this is possibly going to get ugly.

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