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"Budget reform is not an option. It’s a necessity."

Obama uttered those words at his second press conference in two days, today.

He can start with the Pentagon’s budget, and all those fucking contractors we have sucking us dry in Iraq and other places around the world…including here at home. The Pentagon’s piece of the pie is the largest in the whole…cough…pie of a budget.

The Pentagon gets almost a trillion dollars..over 800 Bil to get in the ballpark, not including Iraq expentatures, which are never part of the damn budget.

That is some kinda friggin ballpark wouldn’t you say? And the bean counters at the Pentagon know the hammer is going to come down, they are preparing for it. Take this part of a NYT recent writeup:

The obvious targets for savings would be expensive new arms programs, which have racked up cost overruns of at least $300 billion for the top 75 weapons systems, according to the Government Accountability Office. Congressional budget experts say likely targets for reductions are the Army’s plans for fielding advanced combat systems, the Air Force’s Joint Strike Fighter, the Navy’s new destroyer and the ground-based missile defense system.

Over budget is a Pentagon contractor specialty. It’s criminal how they milk those contracts. Half the time the crap doesn’t work either.

But wait!!! Pulling all those troops out of Iraq would save us 10 Bil a month wouldn’t it? Removing all the equipment used by those troops would save us billions as well right?

Nope, not really..

Obama wants to just shift men and equipment to there is no savings there and in fact it would add to the cost of the military budget. From the NYT piece again:

Calls by both presidential candidates to shift troops from Iraq to Afghanistan actually would add costs to the Pentagon budget, according to military planners and Congressional budget experts. It is significantly more expensive to sustain each soldier in Afghanistan than in Iraq because of Afghanistan’s landlocked location and primitive road network.

Sigh…fucking heavy sigh..So cut the arm’s contracts and high-tech weaponry that seldom works as advertised President Obama.

Prepare for the warmongers to scream about any cut to the military budget.

And the fearmongers will be busy too..count on it.