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When the fox guards the henhouse..

Seems when Richard Stickler, King George’s head Mine and Health Safety Administrator used to run mines he didn’t have a real good record. Bet this is a shocker right? Not really..nope.

An article on a local ABC news website has this: “Stickler used to be a mining executive who – according to various media reports – ran mines which had several fatalities and “…an incident rate that was often twice the national average.”

If that isn’t enough..check out another quote from the article: “Also coming to light, is the fact that Stickler’s nomination to head the mine administration was twice rejected by congress and rejected when republicans were still in charge.”

Now, if the Repubes didn’t want this fuckwit to run KNOW he majorly sucked ass right? Seriously my dear there any question?

So what did King George do? What he always does when he can’t slide one of his cronies into a postion..he gave him a recess appointment. Oh yeah..the same way Bolton got his job as UN Ambassador. Waited until Congress was on vacation and then just appointed the bag of batshit. That’s how Georgie rolls isn’t it…

Stickler is now being referred to as the new “Brownie”..fitting don’t you think? Cat’s out of the bag now worthless scumbag.

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