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First Republican straw poll of the season and it’s a doozy!

Lawd have mercy, what a selection of Republicans, most right, many way right, to choose from! Politico of course has the 411, see the bottom of the post for how the email alert words the same information:

Romney won with 35 percent, beating second-place finisher Ron Paul by 24 points in the WMUR-ABC News straw poll of members of the state Republican Party. In third place was former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who won 8 percent—just one point ahead of Sarah Palin, who drew 7 percent.

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Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann won 5 percent, pizza mogul Herman Cain took 4 percent, and Santorum won 3 percent—tied with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, Indiana Rep. Mike Pence and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

The Half-Term Governor from AK did better than I expected and Pence the fuckwit did worse.Santorum and Batshit Bachmann should of gotten nothing, but there is no accounting for some folks tastes is there? Now, the news alert I got in my email put it this way:

The full results from the WMUR/ABC/N.H. Republican Party presidential straw poll are: Mitt Romney with 35% of the 273 ballots cast, Ron Paul with 11%, Tim Pawlenty with 8% and Sarah Palin with 7%. The remaining results: Michele Bachmann and Jim DeMint with 5% each; Herman Cain with 4%; Chris Christie, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Mitch Daniels and Mike Huckabee with 3% each; Rudy Giuliani, Judd Gregg, Gary Johnson and “other” with 2% each; and Donald Trump and Haley Barbour with 1% each. Jon Huntsman Jr. and John Thune were on the ballot but received no votes.(emphasis mine)

I did laugh my brown ass off over Thune’s returns or lack thereof. I howled over Haley Barbour’s one percent. 😉 All, in all, the actual Politico writeup seemed much kinder and gentler to the assholes in the bunch, wouldn’t you say?

Mitt wins, beats sister Sarah

Romney didn’t even have to show up to the Southern Republican leadership conference to take 24% of the vote to Palin’s 18%.

Romney should also note that he only won by a single vote..Ron Paul came in second. From The Guardian:

Another potential candidate for 2012, the former House speaker, Newt Gringrich, secured a respectable 18% (321). Mike Huckabee, the pastor and broadcaster who won the Iowa caucus in the 2008 primaries, won only 4%, while Tim Pawlenty, the governor of Minnesota, took only 3%.

So the Rightwing Nutter Party is anything but united, which of course made me smile. The Rethugs biggest hold is below the Mason-Dixon line, so that is why I think this assinine poll deserves to be mentioned.

It’s been a lousy couple of weeks here and smiling has been at a minimum. I did cackle when I saw Pawlenty’s numbers. That fuckwit really needs to step the fuck up if he plans on running for Prez in 2012.

Below is a video of the neocons defending Palin. C&L has a nice writeup as well.

Can a Mormon beat a Baptist Preacher in Iowa?

Today, Mitt the Mormon will deliver a speech about religion, entitled ‘Faith in America’ at the George Bush Memorial library in College Station, Texas.

I love where he is doing this..irony indeed! But it does give me pause to ask;

WTF Mitt? the first votes for President will be coming out of Iowa you dipshit..

As a young man shot down during the last world war, George H.W. Bush told an interviewer from the Wall Street Journal that this was what went through his mind:

“I thought about mother and dad and the strength I got from them — and God and faith and the separation of church and state.”–Laughing my fucking ass off folks..seriously..isn’t this funny? Well, it’s ironic because almost to the day Bush41 was shot down..Mitt the Mormon is giving a lil speech about religion in H.W’s library.

Any who..Slate has a humorous read up about Mitt’s speech. Read it and laugh folks..because according to Article 6 of our constitution..its against the law to bust a man’s(or woman’s) chops about his/her religion when he/she is running for an elected office, yet religion is one of the main points in this friggin race..go figure. From the Salon writeup:

Even with this tangled history, it is hard to recall a campaign year when electing a president has been so wrapped up in religion. Huckabee’s new TV ads promote him as a “Christian leader”; the recent CNN-YouTube debate demanded that GOP presidential contenders reveal whether they believe every word in the Bible in a literal sense; and even Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are eager to testify to their religious faith. How far we have come in just four years from the 2004 NPR debate in Iowa in which John Kerry bravely confessed, “My experience in Vietnam … made me question [my faith] for a period of time.”

The Republican candidates don’t like Black People?

How else do you explain that so far Thompson, Romney, Giuliani and McCain have refused to take part in a Presidential debate at the PBS-sponsored event being held at what once was a black college? They are using the time-honored excuse of…cough..a scheduling conflict.

I guess they think they can win it all without the votes from Black folks. I think thats pretty stupid and quite reckless.

But the Rethugs are about nothing if not elite snobs my dear reader, and this inaction by the four candidates screams elitism loud and clear. From the HuffPo writeup:

“There is a pattern here,” Smiley told the Huffington Post. “When you tell every black and brown request that you get throughout the primary process that ‘no, there’s a scheduling problem.’ That’s a pattern… Are we really supposed to believe that all four of these guys couldn’t make it because of scheduling?”

A pattern is right Mr. Smiley…they don’t give a shit about people of color..or their votes, they never have and they never will. I hope this really bites them in the ass hard on election day….

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According to Romney, his kids are chickenhawks???

Well, thats what I gathered from this piece, oh and this piece. Also note Ol’ Mitt himself didn’t serve in the Vietnam war..which makes him a chickenhawk too. But, here is his response when asked directly if his sons would support the war on terror by enlisting:

“There are a variety of ways you can show your support for our soldiers. My sons are showing support by trying to get me elected as the President of the United States.”

Ain’t that something? Two generations of Chickenhawks in Romney’s family. Mitt went on to mention how his kids are serving by getting his slimy ass elected a second time in the same response:

“There are a variety of ways we can show support for our military and our nation. My son Josh bought a Winnebago and is driving across the State of Iowa to get me elected.”

Assholes. Rich Assholes that ‘support’ the war but won’t really support the know what I mean?

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