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We interrupt our political rants..

I never talk about my world. It’s against my better judgment. I mean..its so boring for the love of God. But I do have days where its not bad from here.

Lately the ball and chain has been bringing up politics. This my dear reader is extremely unusual. I have literally chased him around the house trying to discuss an issue or what have you and it ends with him locking himself in the bathroom.

He has taken an interest in bringing things to my attention that he thinks he is scooping me on. Of course thats not possible, lets be realistic, I get a million news alerts and updates from every known media source during the day. Its my thing for Christ’s sake.

We have baseball already. Sports in general. But he has really been sitting and talking political issues. I have also toned down my rhetoric as I have a tendency to raise my voice, my eyes bug out and the f-bomb’s start flying around. He is after all, a conservative from the old school.

But the operative phrase there is “old school”. They are no longer bad people, almost moderate on many issues like spying on us, taking care of those who can’t and spending our money like a drunken sailor on leave. I did convince him to NOT vote for Ahnold the last time around. He almost went for Angelides but backed out at the voting booth…

My that labels are shifting in their meaning. We have allies where we never thought to look. We need to cultivate them.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi’s are really getting active protesting and bitching their ever-loving asses off about the proposed Oil Law. You know the one..where they sell their souls to the devil and don’t even get kissed first.