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Murdoch puts News Corp guy in at WSJ

The new managing editor of the Wall Street Journal is Robert Thomson. Robby is a long-term employee of Ruperts.

This can’t be good.

When asked how its going at the WSJ since Rupert bought it, an employee had this to say:

Asked if Murdoch’s ownership thus far has made the paper better or worse, Yount said, “He hasn’t placed naked women on Page 3, is that an encouraging sign?”

Fuck I hate Murdoch. With every fiber of my being.

And from our WTF dept…

The Wall Street Journal..that bastion of business that has been publishing since July 8, 1889, and is now owned by Rupert Murdoch..that bastard that has no shame and never met a lie he didn’t print..started up the New Year by doing a front pager on:

I shit you not dear reader..E&P says so right here. Nah, he isn’t going to change a thing is he? All I know is..there has to be more intelligence in outer space judging by the jackass that thought that was front page news on the Presidential Election.