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Bwahahahahahaha! They really want to win over Black America

With all the candidates vying for TV time and places to tell their stories and platforms..this just BEGS for some attention. See this stage below..look at how many Republican Candidates showed up to the NAACP Republican Candidate Forum:

Tom Tancredo..thats it!!!

Tommy the Tool was the only Repube candidate to show up. He is the wingnut that blames illegal immigrants for every ailment in America and he hasn’t found a lie about them he doesn’t love and repeat a zillion times.

What is more glaringly obvious than how little the Republicans respect Black America and their biggest support group is the fact that the MSM buried this little tidbit. So did the Evening News shows.

If anyone hasn’t figured out by now how complicit the MSM is with all the bigotry and bullshit put out by the Republicans. .this picture is worth a million words.

All the Democratic candidates showed up to their NAACP Forum btw. The Republican’s excuse you might ask?

They were too busy.