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News from the frontline..

The frontline being here in America in the war against worthless politicians who were elected to represent American’s, not continue to support the Corporatocracy as the majority of Democrats have done since they blew into DC in November of 2006.

There is a Netroots Nation (formerly the Yearly Kos) convention down in Austin TX this weekend. Anyone know about it? Jet, from Bring it On! is in attendance and gives us updates over at BIO. She is worked up and excited, being in the company of thousands of like-minded adults..who wouldn’t be? When I attended the Democracy for America conference in San Diego two years ago, I came home energized and invigorated for much the same reasons; good speeches by top knotch speakers that mirrored many of my beliefs and rah-rah meetings where we all felt emboldened by the sheer numbers of folks that surrounded us who all felt the same way I did.

There was a debate between Harold Ford and Markos Moulitsas today at NN. Ford is the head of the centrist DLC whilst Markos runs DKos, which for all intents and purposes is a liberal haven on the web. Harold got polite applause when introduced but also got booed several times, as well he should in my humble yet vocal opinion. From HuffPo:

Former congressman Harold Ford was billed as a sheep amidst the wolves when he was booked for an appearance at the Netroots Nation conference here in Austin. And while for the most part the DLC head and self-described ‘centrist’ Democrat received a cordial welcome among the progressive audience, there were a scattering of hisses, boos, and the occasionally unruly heckle during his discussion of FISA, Obama and Democratic politics more broadly.

Harold was also soundly booed when he said he has ‘respect’ and..cough/choke..admiration for many of his former colleagues over at Fox Noise..where he used to work but no longer does. My pov? Fuck Harold Ford..twice even. He is part of the problem as far as I am concerned. His stance on FISA is pure bullshit on a stick. Again from HuffPo:

Later Ford was quizzed on why he would support granting telecommunication companies immunity for their participation in the FISA program. His response – that it wasn’t the companies who should be held to a fault but rather the public officials who ordered their participation – was challenged by several different questioners, who demanded “accountability” for privacy violations.

“I think that accountability was brought in 2006 when [the GOP] lost in the House and the Senate,” Ford responded said. “And we have only eight more months of George W. Bush…”

“When is he going to prison!” screamed an audience member to a few claps.

Below is a video of Harold getting hassled at the debate..

He says he respects ‘our’ opinions but wtf does that really mean when he also supports the new and cough..improved FISA bill?

Don’t mean shit m’dear reader..don’t mean shit. Its called ‘lip service’. Which is all we get from the current crop of Democrats running the shows we call Congress and the Democratic Party.