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New blog for your viewing pleasure…

I found it in the middle of the night (left coast time)and I found it because he put up a great comment on Bring it On! other home away from home, on a great post about GonzoGate. Its called:

FreedomPost, a lawyers commentary

His name is MARTIN S. FRIEDLANDER, ESQ. and his one-line bio says:

“I am a lawyer who has practiced for 44 years, and have many stories to tell.” He has quite a bit more to say in his bio..but I thought that was pretty good. I hope you will check him out. The first post is a static post about Greg Palast, a very superior truth-teller in his own right..scroll down to find the new stuff.

Tell him Dusty sent ya 🙂

Now, some music for today. I am quite empty of words, feelings of sadness envelope me after the bullshit moves of our Congress this past week. I am full of hatred and anger and nothing will make it go I have been reading other peoples words and listening to my music..specifically my favorite type..da blues with some classic rock tossed in for good measure. So todays pick is in Mr. Friedlander’s Warren Zevon’s Lawyers, Guns and Money. Enjoy 🙂

I will however give you a picture which says a million words about how I feel about Barroid Bonds breaking Aaron’s homerun record ( I stole it from Omnipotent Poobah many moons ago:

Editor and Publisher has a nice roundup of the writeups about Barroid here.