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Blurring the lines between right and wrong.

The Big O is doing a standup job of blurring the lines. His fucking memo yesterday threw a few crumbs to the LGBT community whilst still keeping them on the outside looking in.

A memo dude? A friggin memo? It isn’t worth the paper it’s typed on and you know it. Once your lying ass has left the oval office for good, that memo will be found in circular file 13 and you fucking know it.

His actions regarding the civil rights of the LGBT community..or lack of.. and his DOJ supporting DOMA and DADT makes all his actions now suspect to me.

Take his transparency bullshit…like refusing to release the names of those that come to meet with him in the WhiteHouse..otherwise known as The People’s House. Glen Greenwald talks to Amy Goodman about the lying sack of shit and his lack of transparency here. Secrecy was the watchword of the Bush Administration for eight long years.

Therefore, I don’t trust him any more than I trusted Bush43..and hopefully ya’ll know how much I despised that fucktard.

There has been very little change..but plenty of the same ole shit people..plenty. From The Progress Report:

NEW VEIL OF SECRECY: For all of the administration’s promising early steps to restore transparency and accountability, however recent developments are less encouraging. Some of these stumbling points have been simple failures of implementation; many of the administration’s budget transparency websites, for example, publish inconsistent numbers. Other transparency failures, however, suggest a more disturbing trend. Despite promises to end “secret meetings” and restore the White House as the “people’s house,” the administration has refused to disclose the names of individuals who have visited the White House since Obama took office, while echoing similar excuses by Bush administration officials who wanted to hide secret meetings with energy industry executives. But most disturbing are recent, tenuous invocations of “national security” to cast a shade over government transparency. After the Environmental Protection Agency uncovered nearly four dozen toxic coal ash sites in Tennessee that “could cause death and significant property damage if an event such as a storm, a terrorist attack or a structural failure caused them to spill into surrounding communities,” the administration choose to keep the locations of the toxic sites secret from Tennessee residents because of fears that such disclosure could present a “security risk.” Similarly, despite earlier disclosure of the infamous torture memos, the Obama CIA has thus far successfully kept secret a comprehensive account of that agency’s interrogation practices. Although a heavily redacted version of the report was uncovered by the ACLU, the administration insists that disclosing the full report would endanger national security. Even more alarming, however, is the Obama administration’s adoption of Bush’s “state secrets” claim in court cases dealing with issues ranging from extraordinary rendition to warrantless wiretapping. The “state secrets” privilege allows the administration to withhold information in a lawsuit or even dismiss the suit altogether if the subject matter of the suit could potentially reveal information that puts national security at risk. In one suit, brought by an Islamic charity challenging the previous administration’s warrantless wiretapping program, a federal judge finally threatened sanctions against the Justice Department if it did not comply with an order to turn over a document to the plaintiff’s attorneys. Incidents such as these led the New York Times to lament that Obama has “backtracked, in substantial if often nuanced ways, from the approach to national security that he preached as a candidate, and even from his first days in the Oval Office.”

Change my ass…