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NOLA Cop’s really know how to treat police dogs.

police dog tore up car before he died

The mutha fucka left his ‘partner’, a 6-year-old Belgian Malnois named Primo in his locked police car last summer. The dog died after suffering for who knows how long in the police car on a hot Louisiana day. Primo tried to escape his horrific fate by chewing up the inside of the police car according to investigators. As far as I am concerned the sumbitch got off easy in the Big Easy. From WDSU:

Necropsy reports showed that Primo suffered from heat exhaustion, experienced at least three seizures after his temperature reached more than 108 degrees, and died while receiving treatment at the Southeast Veterinary Clinic in Metairie on the same day, the group said.

Images released by the Metropolitan Crime Commission showed how the dog shredded the seats inside the cruiser in an attempt to escape.

Lewis was sentenced to a six-month suspended jail sentence, six months of probation and restitution of $12,000, the cost to replace a trained police dog.

The jails are probably overcrowded with people of color so this fuckwad gets a suspended sentence. He is what my father calls…felony dumb. I call him a pile of bat guano who should suffer the same fate as his canine partner did.

That would be justice for Primo…not a suspended sentence and six fucking months of probation.

Next up..the sumbitch who actually was a supervisor and trainer in the K9 unit at one point. The asshole known as Officer Randy Lewis…no relation they say..although I wonder:

In the other case, Randy Lewis was working an off-duty, private security detail on the evening of May 21 at the abandoned Charity Hospital building in downtown New Orleans when Phantom fell down an open elevator shaft.

Furthermore, Lewis left Phantom’s body at the bottom of the shaft until morning. Anthony Radosti, vice president of the Crime Commission, said that police dogs are officers’ partners.

“Unfortunately, they don’t realize that he is a brother officer for all practical purposes,” he said to “To leave him at the bottom of the pit strikes at the heart.”

Lewis then lied about the incident in a police report and stated that he and Phantom were on duty and working on a training exercise.

Eric Hessler, Randy Lewis’s attorney, said that an “error” was made on the police report when his client left out the fact that he was working a paid, off-duty detail. This is not, Hessler said, a crime. He also stated that Lewis’s decision to leave the dog’s body behind was based on safety. He said the shaft was flooded and it was safer for officers to retrieve Phantom in the morning.

Lying about where and what he was doing should of been a tipoff on this scum-sucking bastard.

NOLA cops just can’t get good press to save their fucking asses can they? If they aren’t killing their canine partners, it’s unarmed citizens after the flood walls broke…and they all tried to lie and/or cover-up the crimes.

It started with a photograph

From ProPublica:

It was three days after the levees broke: Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005 — in my limited view, the day things completely fell apart in New Orleans.

The desperation was mounting. The cavalry wasn’t coming, it seemed. We were in it alone.

As we drove up Religious Street, just past the Saulet Apartments, we saw a dicey situation ahead. Police-issue Crown Victorias blocking the intersection. A parked bus and a wrecked limo. And a swarm of police officers in the street, guns drawn, facing the other direction.

Georgiev, a Macedonian national who has spent much of his life covering wars, went into gung-ho mode. He took a right — toward the lake — on Race Street. Then left at the next block, St. Thomas Street. Then left again on Richard. And suddenly, we were right in the middle of chaos.

We saw a man, clad in a white T-shirt, down on the pavement, hands behind his back, not moving. We were both sure he was dead. A lot of agitated police officers hovered around.

It seemed no one noticed, though we were less than 50 feet away. Georgiev shot off a few frames, then started to drive away. As he passed through the intersection, the cops yelled at us to stop. Some had their guns raised. I shouted to stop, and Georgiev did, not as quickly as I would have.

A few cops rushed over and stuck their guns in our faces. I said I worked for the Picayune. I was told to shut up and get out.

They threw us up against a cinderblock wall and frisked us. There was a lot of cursing, and one of the officers mentioned a shootout.

One of the cops grabbed the notebook out of my shorts. They also snatched one of Georgiev’s cameras.

Lying in the weeds

A few months ago, I reached out to Georgiev, who lives in Macedonia, and he sent me two photos of the incident. A closer look at them reveals that there seem to be two guys on the ground, not one. Georgiev’s second shot shows a human form in the street, next to one of the police cars, wearing a red shirt and hidden behind weeds.

As it happens, the existence of a second person squares with the only official account of the incident I’ve been able to get thus far. That account came from Anthony Cannatella, a semiretired deputy chief with 42 years on the force who during Katrina was the commander of the 6th District, where the incident happened.

Cannatella — to his credit, one of the only officers who will talk about any of this — was one of the cops who responded, though I didn’t see him that day. As Katrina descended, Cannatella says he told “his guys” this: “We’re gonna do basic police work until someone comes and relieves us.”

Read the rest of the article here.  There are federal grand juries investigating the actions of the NOLA PD after Katrina. How they shot first and never asked questions later. In my heart, I know there were police officers that did the right thing..just as there are police officers who did not. How anyone will be able to separate them, years later, is the $50,000.00 question.

But you really can’t put a price on a human life.