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You know it’s gonna be a bad day…

When Norton blows up your laptop whilst they are ‘trying to figure out why its sucking 100% of my CPU’ after I did their software update.

I lost in the final round of the fantasy baseball playoffs..oh, fucking well, second ain’t that bad when your ass is kicked 10-5.

The folks at Norton, and I use that term ‘folks’ loosely,(personally I call them something much uglier) are now sending me some fucking recovery disc since I get nothing but the BSOD (blue screen of death) when I try to boot my laptop. Some woman with a really heavy, hard to understand, out of the country accent, really hosed me when she said she could ‘fix it’, and now I get to deal with some guy named Jason who is ‘da boss’ and here in the US. Gawd=fucking=bless outsourcing eh folks?

There is more bullshittery, but I believe you folks really don’t need to read about it….lets just say ole Dad took a trip to Anaheim for no apparent reason(he couldn’t explain why he was there and actually didn’t know where in the hell he was) and the cops there refused to do a report on the old fucker who couldn’t find his ass w/both hands last Thursday. See, Dad is a retired law enforcement officer with a gold-fucking-badge that evidently gets his drunk-80 year old– ass out of all kinds of problems and situations when he fucks up, mostly behind the wheel of a huge friggin SUV.

So, have a good day…and pray to Buddha those fucks at Norton can fix whatever the hell they fucked up on my laptop come Wed or Thursday. I despise using the ball n’ chains Desktop.