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R’s fail to stop NPR funding.

And a sinister HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, but that is my reaction to their fuckery. From the link:

A legislative effort by House Republicans to prevent NPR from receiving public funding failed Thursday.

By a 239 to 171 vote, the House approved advancing a teleworking bill without the language that would bar local public radio stations from using taxpayer dollars to purchase NPR programming.

The public money at issue was funding to the stations from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The Republican move came in response to the controversy over the termination in October of journalist Juan Williams’ contract with NPR.

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) , the second-ranking official in the House Republican leadership, introduced the legislation as part of the GOP’s YouCut initiative in which members of the public recommend cuts in federal spending.

If you wish to read Cantor’s statement go to the link because I won’t post that fuckwits bs on this here blog.