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TX AG busts Obama’s chops on new drilling moratorium

Evidently these oil-lovin’ fuckers just can not buy a friggin clue. From Jurist:

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) on Wednesday filed a legal challenge [complaint, PDF] to the Obama administration’s new offshore drilling moratorium, claiming it violates federal law. The complaint, filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas, argues that the moratorium was created in violation of the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, which requires the US Department of the Interior to “cooperate with the relevant departments and agencies of the Federal Government and of the affected states.” The act, which affects all decisions relating to the “exploration, development, and production of minerals in the Outer Continental Shelf,” also says states are entitled to an opportunity to participate in the process. Abbott said that the federal government ignored his state throughout the process:

    Under federal law, affected states are guaranteed the right to participate in offshore drilling-related policy decisions, but the Obama Administration did not bother to communicate, coordinate or cooperate with Texas. Worse, the Secretary of the Interior failed to consider the economic consequences of his decision, which will cost the Texas economy millions of dollars – and threatens far too many hard-working Texans’ jobs.

In addition to requesting the moratorium to be reversed, the complaint also requests that no future moratoriums be allowed unless Texas is given a reasonable opportunity to participate in the process and “due consideration is given to economic, social, and environmental values of the renewable and nonrenewable resources contained in the [Outer Continental Shelf].”

Last month, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar issued a new six-month drilling moratorium, citing new evidence regarding safety concerns after the BP oil spill. Unlike the previously ordered moratorium, which a federal judge blocked in June, this one is not based on the depths at which drilling occurs. Instead, the moratorium affects drilling with specific technologies, although the applicable technologies are most often used during deepwater drilling and will not affect shallow water drilling operations. The new plan, the government says, offers more specifics on the types of drilling that will and will not be blocked. More than 200 million gallons of oil leaked from a broken pipe in BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig, surpassing the Exxon Valdez oil spill as the worst in US history.

Yes, it’s costing jobs….no one denies that fact. But unless and until the Oil Industry spends money to figure out what technology must be developed to insure we never get another gusher like the Deepwater Horizon, our country/government can not allow these greedy fuckers to continue ocean drilling. It’s as fucking simple as that. The technology and the whole ball of wax that is deep ocean drilling must be examined with a friggin fine tooth comb…our ecosystem can not take any more of their fuckery…their, being the Oil Industry, who btw, hasn’t spent a fucking dime on safety technology or cleanup technology in mutha fucking decades people.

Nor are human lives trade-able in exchange for profits….that above all else folks..BP has caused the loss of life too many fucking times (both on rigs and on land)…and the Oil Industry can thank those worthless fucks for the moratorium.

Gasoline-Americas Crack

Betty Bowers new video below is a must-see. If you watch any television, surely you have seen the commercials from the American Petroleum Institute. (I won’t link to the bastards, so the link goes to Wiki.) A nice looking blonde tells us how much oil and natural gas we got under our feet here in the US and then tells you to go check it out…fuck that shit. That site under a different name is here.

Offshore drilling will be happening again…until there is a major oil spill off our coast, then once again people will become horrified by the death and destruction..and outlaw it again. Assholes..friggin assholes…thanks Democrats, you fucktards.

Graphic filched from Ms. Bowers website.

Senate passes housing bill on a Saturday

From The Hill:

Senators found a rare chance for consensus Saturday on a broad housing bill aimed to benefit borrowers, mortgage firms Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and communities hurt by the housing crisis.

The 72-13 final vote sends the bill to President Bush, who this week dropped a longstanding veto threat against the measure over $4 billion on community block grants. The legislation already passed the House on a 272-152 vote on Wednesday. All 13 ‘no’ votes were Republicans.

All no votes were Rethuglican..figures..they are the folks that wanted to take all the controls off banks and financial institutions..yet when the shit hits the proverbial fan..they don’t want to fix their fuckup. And, to add to this..the Rethugs are blocking any other bills until the Democrats lift the drilling ban. From The Hill again:

The GOP wants a more open amendment process that could allow a vote on lifting a congressional moratorium on offshore oil drilling.

“We want to address the issue of gas prices now,” said Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). “The important thing to do is stay on the subject.”

Drilling will NOT do a fucking thing for the price of gas NOW you fucktard. Jesus Christ on a cracker..they still keep those talking points going long after they have been shown to be utter bullshit.