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Anti-choice nutter convicted of stalking doctors.

Philip “Flip” Benham, a self-righteous asshole, was thankfully convicted of stalking physicians who provide the legal medical procedure called abortion. He is a…cough.. pastor in NC. From the link:

A North Carolina pastor has been found guilty of harassing Charlotte-area abortion providers with Wild West-style “Wanted” posters.

WSOC-TV in Charlotte reports the Rev. Philip Benham was convicted Monday of violating a state law that prohibits residential picketing. Benham was sentenced to 24 months of probation.

He’s the director of the anti-abortion group Operation Save America. Benham distributed flyers showing the pictures and home addresses of local abortion providers. Prosecutors say that amounted to advocating violence against the doctors.

The 62-year-old pastor says the conviction violates his First Amendment right to free speech. He plans to appeal.

Oh hell yeah, we all should have the right to hassle and try to intimidate Doctors at their homes for doing something which is NOT against the law. Benham thinks his rights should come before those of others.  Philip Benham is a Douche Nozzle of the week candidate. Wish the fucker was going to be wearing prison orange and doing the perp walk.Benham is an American Terrorist. He is no better than Al-Qaeda.

Don’t you just love the name of his organization – Operation Save America. What a load of horseshit. Why do these bags of batshit always think only they are saving America? Deluded fucktard. We need to see more of these anti-choice assholes convicted of harassing doctors that do legal medical procedures…only then can we hope that we will not see any more murders, ala Dr. Tiller.