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Pat Buchanan has to go.

Watch his stunning blowup with Rachel Maddow here on my video page and then tell me this old jackass should still be on television representing anyone but the KKK. Rachel invited him on regarding an article he authored on Real Clear Politics about how the GOP should handle Judge Sotomayor.

He also had a dust-up with Pulitzer prize-winning writer Eugene Robinson on Hardball yesterday. Watch that one as well here.

This tired old fuck needs to be put out to Here is my letter to the head of the news department:

Mr. Capus,

I have watched all your political shows for a few years now. I am a devoted viewer and I enjoy the give and take from both sides of the aisle for the most part.

Pat Buchanan has to go. He snapped not once, but twice this week. First on Hardball with Pulitzer prize winning writer and MSNBC contributor Eugene Robinson. Then Thursday night on Rachel Maddow’s show.

The man made flat-out racist comments, no ifs, ands or butt’s about it. It was actually embarrassing to watch a man of his stature sink that low. If those are his true beliefs, I can no longer tolerate him on my television. He has become increasingly shallow and elitist, not to mention sounding like an original member of the KKK.

Going forward, I will not sit and watch Buchanan scream and holler at anyone. I will change the channel. Whether I go back to the show he is on depends on what I find to watch whilst Mr. Buchanan waxes poetic about how the white folks are getting screwed and how racist Judge Sotomayor is. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but giving Mr. Buchanan a soap box from which he sounds like someone in need of a psychological intervention is down right ridiculous and dangerous. Dangerous in that you will be losing loyal viewers.

Relegating Mr. Buchanan to the Morning Joe show might be an alternative. I never watch Morning Joe as it’s thankfully on at 3am here on the left coast.

I would appreciate a response from you sir.

Thank you,
Dusty Taylor

Please feel free to write Mr Capus: if your tired of the old white man waxing racist on MSNBC too.