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Soldier death toll in Iraq hits 7 month high..

So much for Petraeus’ bullshit that deaths are down and things are better since “the surge” started. This article gives the numbers, which don’t lie…unlike General Petraeus:

The U.S. military death toll hit a seven-month high of 50 on Wednesday — with more than half the losses in Baghdad as American forces wage growing street battles against Shiite fighters.

Iraqi civilian deaths also remained high following the Iraqi government crackdown on Shiite militia factions — accused by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki of using residents as human shields during close combat in the teeming Sadr City slum.

The clashes in Sadr City — a base for the powerful Mahdi Army militia — show little sign of easing as Iraqi and U.S. troops try to exert control over an area containing nearly half of the Baghdad’s population.

It makes me wonder outloud..would General Davy sell his soul to the devil? Or has he already done that? Rat bastards.Tomorrow is the anniversary of Mission Accomplished…yeah…a real treat to celebrate that one…

General BetrayUs getting kicked upstairs..

So, is this his reward for being a good soldier for Bush and spinning (there is that word again) the War in Iraq as working just fine?

Me thinks it is. From the CNN writeup:

Army Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, has been chosen to become chief of U.S. Central Command, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday.

Petraeus replaces Adm. William Fallon, who said last month he was resigning. Fallon said widespread, but false, reports that he was at odds with the Bush administration over Iran had made his job impossible.

In addition, Gates said, Army Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno, commander of the Multinational Corps-Iraq — the No. 2 position in Iraq — is being nominated to fill Petraeus’ post. Odierno has been home from Iraq only for a couple of months, but has agreed to return, Gates said.

The plan is for Petraeus to leave Iraq in late summer or early fall, Gates said, to ensure a smooth transition and plenty of time for Odierno to prepare.

Odierno is the commander of the troop unit that found Saddam in the rathole. He is getting a big Atta-Boy too it seems.

Iraq Me Dave Petraeus..Ethno-Sectarian Competition?

I think I like Jon Stewart’s take on the Dog and Pony show that just took place in DC

It’s all I have today..two Dr appts took the wind out of my sails..and I really can’t get into serious politics today..but one thing..

Ethno-Sectarian Competition????? WTF is that shit?

Talk about double-talking jive..He is the best bullshitter around..General Davy folks..without a friggin doubt. And they say Jon Stewart doesn’t give us any real news..

Another anniversary in Iraq!!!!

Today is the day on which the huge statue of Saddam Hussein was torn down in Baghdad. The anniversary will be marked in Baghdad by an all day curfew on vehicles. It’s been five long arduous years since the troops entered the city of Baghdad. What exactly has been accomplished? Oh plenty..

We have spent a boatload of money. We have managed to bring down the bulk of Iraq’s infrastructure. We have built, sometimes with slave labor, a huge American Embassy that is grossly overbudget.

Lets not forget that the Iraqi’s have been able to vote democratically! The fact that the government they elected can’t get squat done is but a small footnote..right? The Green Zone, once considered the safest place in Iraq, is being shelled almost daily by mortars and deaths are a fact of life within those walls these last two weeks. The benchmarks set for the government of Iraq have not been met by and large, but hey..according to Petraeus..its all coming together nicely..but he needs more time.

How do you plan on celebrating another war milestone in Iraq? Have a houseparty? Make sure to invite General Davy over..oh wait..I think he’s busy with the Congress critters again today.

UPDATE: The curfew did not stop squat today in Baghdad. From IHT via TO:
At least a dozen people were killed in Baghdad’s Shi’ite slum of Sadr City on Wednesday, despite vehicle bans aimed at preventing unrest from spreading on the fifth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad.

Police said six people died in clashes overnight, and an explosion in the morning hit a funeral in the slum, killing six more and wounding 14 people.

Dr Qasim al-Mudalla told Reuters 11 bodies and 54 wounded had been brought to the Imam Ali hospital he manages in Sadr City, where U.S. and Iraqi forces have battled militia loyal to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr since Sunday. The dead included four children and two women, he said.

Ah yes General Davy..its going so damn well over there!!! How much more money do ya need dude to keep this going in perpetuity?

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Today’s Dog and Pony show on the Hill..

I tried so very hard to watch it..I really did. My mind was elsewhere and frankly I got real friggin tired of the Congress Critters waxing poetic, sucking up facetime on the camera and then Crocker and Petraeus answering with less words and no substance than we deserve.

With that said..TPM muckraker has a nice set of posts on what went down and videos to boot. I realize I link to them a lot but I think they are the best site in the blogosphere for cutting through the bullshit and giving us the facts.

Here are two links to videos of Obama’s line of questioning. I think he tried to get a straight answer out of Bushie’s little minions more so than any of the other assholes there. Hillary damn near put me to sleep with her fucking speechifying..I was thinking..stfu and ask a question woman!

Got a lot on my mind forgive the lack of bitching and moaning about how fucked up our system is and those who run it.