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When Christians and Muslims work together for peace.

Another important factor is that they are all women. Liberian women. They got tired of the corruption, the civil war and all the death, rape and dismemberment. They decided to do something about it.

Pray the Devil back to Hell. This movie tells their story.

The movie has won at least five film festival awards around the world. Bill Moyers will discuss the documentary tonight on his pbs show. What did I like about it most of all?

The WOMEN got it done. After a decade of hate and killing, the only way Liberia came back from the hell of war and corruption was because of the women and their determination. It’s a powerful movie folks..very powerful.

The female that organized all this is Leymah Gbowee. Her intestinal fortitude was amazing to me. Her actions and those of all the Muslim and Christian women of Liberia saw the first female President elected to an African nation – Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Unlike Obama, these women all represent real hope and change. I hope people will see this movie. I pray that they will.

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