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Gasoline-Americas Crack

Betty Bowers new video below is a must-see. If you watch any television, surely you have seen the commercials from the American Petroleum Institute. (I won’t link to the bastards, so the link goes to Wiki.) A nice looking blonde tells us how much oil and natural gas we got under our feet here in the US and then tells you to go check it out…fuck that shit. That site under a different name is here.

Offshore drilling will be happening again…until there is a major oil spill off our coast, then once again people will become horrified by the death and destruction..and outlaw it again. Assholes..friggin assholes…thanks Democrats, you fucktards.

Graphic filched from Ms. Bowers website.

Consumption of gasoline hits 16 year low

My first knee-jerk response to the title of the RawStory writeup was this:

No shit sherlock.

Seriously..when the price of everything we use or need to live is rising and wages are stagnant or non-existent if your on will use only what you need to use of anything..including petrol. From the RawStory article:

In the last six weeks, US gasoline consumption has fallen 1.1% from 2007, despite the ever-present increase in cars on the road — the largest drop in 16 years, excepting declines that followed 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

Fearing inflation, investors have poured money into commodities, pushing oil prices close to their adjusted value high of $103.76 in 1980, the Wall Street Journal Monday notes.

Katrina was a blip on the screen because such a huge section southern portion of the US was under water and quite a few refineries were hit by Katrina or the resultant deluge of water. The rest of the writeup:

“As refiners pay more for the oil they use, gasoline prices have gained sharply in recent weeks to an average of $3.13 a gallon in the week ended Feb. 25, up 40% from $2.24 a gallon in January 2007,” adds the Journal. “That’s stoking worries that prices will rise even more sharply as demand gets a boost from the approaching vacation season, when more Americans take to the road. Some experts predict gasoline could cost as much as $4 a gallon this summer.”

The rising price of gasoline has also pushed some consumers into fuel-efficient vehicles.

“Pinched consumers also are speeding up their shift to more fuel-efficient cars,” the article notes. “Sales of large cars dropped by 2.6% in 2006 and by 10.5% in 2007. In January, they plummeted 26.5% from a year earlier, according to Autodata Corp.

Dealers are also selling fewer minivans and large SUVs. Small car sales in January were up 6.5% from 2007, according to a survey by Autodata, the article notes.

I hope the idiots in Detroit are paying attention now too..quit making those fucking huge SUV’s and gas guzzling mofo’s ok? Big Oil can bite me..those bastards will still make record profits..