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Ale to The Chief!

I will readily admit I stole the title from Tweety on Hardball this afternoon. The Big O and his new bud’s The Professor and the lying sack of batshit Officer Crowley will be sitting down to a couple of brewski’s this afternoon.

Crowley is such a liar and for that..I have nothing but contempt for him. The 911 call and the radio transmissions(transcripts at the link) bears out everything that The Professor said and nothing that Crowley said or put into his report.

If The Big O wants to spend his afternoon with an intelligent African-American Professor and a lying sack of shit white’s up to him..but personally I couldn’t stomach Crowley for even five-fucking-minutes. From The American Prospect:

The problem is that the police report written by Sgt. James Crowley states that “[Whalen] observed what appeared to be to black males with backpacks on the porch of Ware Street.” Except Whalen said no such thing. Furthermore, the tapes are notable for what they don’t contain–any audio that indicates Gates was shouting as Crowley claimed in his police report. The tapes do contain audio of Crowley saying Gates was being uncooperative and asking for more backup, reportedly saying “keep the cars coming.”

Here’s the thing: This is the second discrepancy from the police report, the first being that Gates claims he showed Crowley his Harvard ID and his driver’s license, while the report says that he only showed his Harvard ID. The reason I find this odd is that Crowley seems to have believed it was Gates’ residence–but how could he be sure if he hadn’t seen Gates’ Driver’s License as he claims? Now, we also know that the claim that it was Whalen who identified Gates and his driver by their race was completely false. The Cambridge Police’s explanation, that the report merely represents “a summary” of what happened seems inadequate–how useful could a factually inaccurate summary really be? And what–if anything else–is inaccurate but is asserted as fact in the police report?

Crowley is a racist and tried to cover his ass, plain and simple.

This guy taught classes on how to avoid racial profiling? WTF does that say about the Cambridge Police Department?

Nothing good folks..nothing good.