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Obama said what??? You are kidding right?

Thanks to my blogging bud rj, I perused Greenwald’s friday piece over at Salon.

I really didn’t want to mess up my quiet, calm, sunday morning…but hell…here goes.

Friday, our President attended a $30 grand per plate dinner. Bet ya five bucks that I probably wouldn’t of known a soul there if I had the 30 g’s to pony up. But that isn’t the point of my post…the following quote from his speechifying is what boosted my blood pressure:

Democrats, just congenitally, tend to get — to see the glass as half empty. (Laughter.) If we get an historic health care bill passed — oh, well, the public option wasn’t there.  If you get the financial reform bill passed — then, well, I don’t know about this particular derivatives rule, I’m not sure that I’m satisfied with that. And gosh, we haven’t yet brought about world peace and — (laughter.) I thought that was going to happen quicker. (Laughter.) You know who you are. (Laughter.) We have had the most productive, progressive legislative session in at least a generation.

First, to say the Healthcare Reform Bill was historic is true…most of it was written by the healthcare industry and to assuage those fucking Rethugs that didn’t vote for it anyway you dipshit. Most of the ‘good things’ in the bill don’t begin to happen for another four years or so, therefore my 30 year old son, who has never had health insurance as an adult, still can not get any you fucking asshole. And….23 million people will still not have healthcare insurance. Finally, Big Pharma will still get rich off this fucking bill. I could continue, but why bother? Most of you know where the potholes in this horseshit ‘reform bill’ are.

Second…the Financial Reform Bill. Give me an effin break…there was so little financial reform it’s pathetic. You threw a few bones to the masses when you created a few ‘rules of the road’ for credit card companies and that wonderful department that Elizabeth Warren won’t be in charge of… but your friends on Wall Street still, for the most part…get a free-fucking-pass to make millions and millions whilst fucking us all, and with very little, if any, regulations.

Finally, the crack about ‘the most productive, progressive legislative session in at least a generation‘… Who the hell are you shitting there big guy? It sure as fuck isn’t me. You and your stoolie’s in Congress got very little done..unless you count the public whining and bitching you guys did about the Rethugs aka the Party of No, while totally ignoring, publically, the assholes known as Blue Dogs that populate the House and Senate. You look more and more like Bush43 every-fucking-day…whether it’s your lie about the Iraq war ending, your lie about transparency in the federal government, your lie about closing Gitmo, giving civil rights to the LGBT community or my personal favorite… still spying on American’s without a friggin warrant…none of those things you did are progressive values you sumbitch. None, zero, sip, nada.  We kinda fall 180 degrees the other way you fucknut.

Once again, You sir, are so full of shit your eyes are brown. Glad those rich folks enjoyed your visit…enjoy it whilst you can dude because way too many of us progressives are tired as hell of your fuckery, and I for one will probably be voting once again for my cat, good ole Scooter Lee, for President in 2012.

"We know the drive for revolutionary change is correct,"

“We know the drive for revolutionary change is correct,” Mr. Korte says, “but blowing up buildings is not going to get us anywhere. Nor is joining the Democratic Party.”

These are the words of an individual that has revived the SDS in his town. That’s Students for a Democratic Society, for those too young to know the 40-year old dormant group. The great commonwealth of CT has “around 120 active chapters and 3,000 registered members.” Now, you just know that the reichwinger’s will jump all over this as socialist and evil.

Fuck I or any other progressive gives a rat’s ass what those people say. I was a member back in the day..but I digress..this is about the here and now. From the NYT via CommonDreams writeup:

According to a provisional statement, drafted at the national convention last summer at Wayne State University in Detroit, the group aims to combat “racism and white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy, heterosexism and transphobia, authoritarianism and imperialism.” Chapters focus on any issue that falls under the rubric of “oppression.” In the past year, members have occupied military recruiting centers, participated in hunger strikes to raise wages for university workers and demonstrated in front of companies that invest in nuclear power plants.

The group’s growth has surprised everyone involved, particularly former members who wondered why students would want to model themselves on an organization that ultimately self-destructed. The original S.D.S. became a major force in the opposition to the Vietnam War and grew to nearly 100,000 members before collapsing in 1969 into radicalized factions. It never quite overcame the perceived homogeneity of its leaders. Most were white, male and upper middle class.

The new S.D.S. is painstakingly self-conscious about its image and inherited failures. Men refrain from speaking for the group; if one interrupts a woman or finishes her sentence, he may be politely reminded of what he has done. There is no national hierarchy, and members coordinate through conference calls – up to 30 people on the line. (There’s a roll call at the start of each conversation.)

It’s a worthwhile read..check it out. I like their spunk and I love their manifesto. But they suffer the pains of the ‘modern’ era. Ain’t that always the damn case?

The DCCC, DLC, and the Clintons

Just for starters let me say I am registered as “Decline to State” and have been for what seems like forever; I have, however, voted for Democrats 99 percent of the time. The other one percent, as an example, was when I filled in my cat’s name instead of voting for Kerry, and I haven’t voted for Dianne Feinstein’s tired ass in the last three congressional election cycles.

So with that out of the way, let me get to the point, which is this:

The Democratic party and specifically Hillary Clinton aren’t ‘our friends’. By ‘our’, I mean progressives or the old-fashioned word, liberals. The Democratic party is controlled largely by folks who look out for the interests of big business because, after all is said and done, Big Bidness has all the money. To keep getting reelected you have to keep those coffers filled, don’t ya know? Getting into bed with the Corporatocracy eases that pain quite a bit. Now, publicly funded elections might change all that… but that is for another time and rant.

Many of the grassroots candidates were such because the DCCC didn’t see fit to send any appreciable cash their way. That sure as hell says “We LOVE ya,” don’t it? Some Democrats who ran for office lost only because the DCCC didn’t help them out, using the tried-and-true excuse of “Gee, we are low on funds and have to squeeze every penny we got into the for sure races,” or flat out decided to support the more ‘moderate’ candidate. If Kos and other folks had not done a fair amount of fund raising, there were other candidates that wouldn’t have made it to Congress, too. Now, you might want some proof that what I just said is true, and I could land a boatload of links on you here and there, but the bottom line is, a real progressive knows I am not bullshitting them.

The DLC should be known as the Clintons’ Personal PAC as far as I can tell. It’s no surprise that Bill Clinton and his wife are big supporters of this bunch since the Clintons seem to reap the most from the cash register at the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC); after all, Bill used to be the head cheese there, you see. The DLC likes to label itself as ‘moderate’, and the truth be told, that very same DLC really hates the progressives. They think we want to control the agenda, which wouldn’t bode well for rich folks and Big Corporations.

They are right. We do want to wrestle the power away from them. Damn skippy mutha fuckas.

To continue here.

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