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Uyghur’s still protesting and being killed in China.

From Democracy Now!:

New protests have erupted in China’s western Xinjiang region, two days after at least 156 people were killed and over 1,000 wounded in the country’s worst ethnic violence in decades. On Tuesday, some 200 ethnic Uyghurs–mostly women–took to the streets to protest over the mass arrest of more than 1,400 people following Sunday’s clashes. Later, hundreds of ethnic Han Chinese marched through the streets of Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang province. The two sides blame each other for the outbreak of violence.

The DN link includes an interview with Nury Turkel, a Uyghur American Attorney. He is the co-founder of the Uyghur Human Rights Project and past president of the Uyghur American Association. Here is video of the unrest and a report by Amy Goodman.

Protest against the Bailout in NYC..with pictures!

First, as of today, Weathervane McCain had NOT read the bailout plan he now says he doesn’t support. Its all of two and a half pages!

Next Jeremy Scahill has the photos below up on Alternet of todays protest held on Wall Street.

CNN has the following article up about todays protests:

The public backlash against the Bush administration’s proposal to use tax dollars to bailout Wall Street spilled into the streets Thursday.

“People all over the country are up in arms about this,” said David Elliot, a spokesman for grassroots advocacy group UsAction. “Our members are livid, and they’re hitting the streets.”, an online forum for activists, said its members had organized 251 events in more than 41 states to protest the bailout.

Several other grassroots organizations were involved in the protests, including Democracy for America, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (Acorn) and labor unions.

A rally organized by the New York Central Labor Council took place this afternoon on Wall Street near the New York Stock Exchange. That was followed by a more informal protest that began to take shape on Wall Street shortly after the financial markets closed.

I love a good protest. ;) Hat tip to Betmo for the 411 on the Wall Street rally/protest.

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Over 800 arrested during the RNC in St Paul this week.

This total also includes numerous media personnel like Amy Goodman, Rick Rowley of Big Noise Films and Democracy Now! producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous who was also arrested earlier in the week while covering one of the numerous protests and rally’s.

Not all protesters arrested were violent or anarchists, don’t let the mutha fuckas in the St Paul law enforcement community fool you. From a St. Paul media outlet regarding the final night of the convention:

Among those arrested were two Associated Press reporters covering the event. They were issued a citation and detained, along with a KARE-11 TV photographer and more than a dozen other members of the media. All were released later in the evening.

Amy Goodman and her producer and assistant are still being ‘processed’ as protesters, even though they have press credentials. They have been released from jail.

Funny how that works for the progressive press ain’t it?

Mothers Day in Nepal: Big protest, lots of arrests

All of the arrested are women. From the VOA writeup:

Police in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu say they have detained more than 560 Tibetan protesters Sunday, all of them women.

It was the all female demonstration against China’s crackdown in Tibet since violence erupted in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa in March.

Since then, Tibetan exiles have taken part in anti-China protests nearly every day. Nepal is home to about 20,000 Tibetan refugees.

Power to the people…Buddha please keep them safe. These wonderful women deserve our respect, as do all the brave protesters.

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Protests yesterday were pretty light..why?

United for Peace and Justice signaled that they had folks going to DC from 36 states, so I really expected a great turnout. I kept an eye on their website off and on all day yesterday..sadly, there were very few updates to be found, even this morning as I checked it to write this post. When I googled for ‘protests’ I had a hard time finding anything either, even from the Independent Media. I found San Francisco of course as well as LA, and then New Haven CT?

The DC event, had hundreds not thousands in attendance according to WaPo. WTF? From the WaPo writeup:

Organizers downplayed the low turnout. “This is a different type of action than the peace movement has done before,” said Ted Glick of the No War, No Warming Coalition. “It’s more edgy. . . . We think this is actually an important step forward for the peace and justice movement.”

But demonstrator Gary Krane, of Oakland, Calif., expressed dismay.

“The apathy of my fellow Americans is very frightening, very horrific,” he said. “I thought there would be hundreds if not thousands of people getting arrested.”

It saddens me too. Why are the people so apathetic? Are they spending all their energy on the friggin election? Why was a sickening anniversary largely ignored?

This time around there were civil disobedience actions..which are good..but only if such actions are taken by thousands of people..not just a handful. The LAT writeup was the most comprehensive:

While about 1,000 protested in Washington on Wednesday, larger rallies were organized in Chicago, New York and San Francisco.

Antiwar demonstrators gathered in downtown Chicago’s Federal Plaza on Wednesday evening for a rally and march. Organizers were expecting thousands of demonstrators.

At one event in New York City, women sang and counted the war dead outside the Times Square military recruiting station, which was recently the target of a bomb.

In Miami, half a dozen antiwar protesters dressed in black placed flowers outside the U.S. Southern Command during the morning rush hour.

In San Francisco, police arrested about 100 protesters by early afternoon for blocking traffic and chaining themselves to buildings, police said.

The LAT writeup said MoveOn was sponsoring the LA protest..yet when I went to the MoveOn site..there were no pictures or writeups about their protest this morning.

The last event I attended in LA..thousands were there protesting this war..but was just sad.