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Boehner goes after his own party members.

Now that a few of the Repubes are publicly airing their grievances regarding Bush’s Iraq War and its blatant failures over the last 4+ years..House Minority leader John Boehner, behind closed doors, called Senator George Voinovich,a fellow Repube, a wimp yesterday for calling for a change of course in Iraq and saying the “surge” has failed.

See what happens when you tell them the truth to their face? They flip the fuck out on ya. Even their own party members. Damn, thats nasty isn’t it? Boehner branded Senator Voinovich and a plethora of Republican Senators, including Richard Lugar (IN), Olympia Snowe (ME), Chuck Hagel (War Hero-NE), Pete Domenici (NM) and others who have recently repudiated the President’s policy in Iraq “wimps.

Lets harken back to February of this year. Thats when Boehner was crying like someone stole is lunch on the floor of the House chamber. Here, lets roll out the pics to refresh your memory:

That, was just the first of TWO episodes where Boehner weeped his ass off in front of the rest of the House of Representatives.

Who is the fucking wimp here people? Seems to me that John Boy Boehner doesn’t know what a wimp looks like..he needs to look in the fucking mirror to figure it out. The Repubes calling for an end to the war are standing tall, not crying in their beer using the most basic of emotions to dramatize the effect of their words. Thats Boehners shtick.

Perhaps he was off his meds when he broke down in the House those two times this year? In any case calling the Repube’s that disagree with him wimps is pretty pussified coming from someone that can stand there like a cry-baby blubbering incoherently in front of a gathering of adults there to discuss important issues like the War in Iraq.

Wotta whiny bitch you are John-boy.

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