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Doughy, White and Happy..

Why won’t this man go away?

Seems Larry ‘wide stance’ Craig refuses to go away. He now states he will serve out his term, inspite of a previous announcement that he would resign if the Judge didn’t allow him to change his plea in the bathroom trolling episode.

The judge told him no, in very explicit terms:

“The defendant, a career politician with a college education, is of, at least, above-average intelligence,” Judge Porter wrote in a ruling issued Thursday afternoon. “He knew what he was saying, reading and signing.”

The Rethugs are highly pissed, but I for one don’t care..if anything this will help the Democrats. Why would it help the Dems? Because every time someone in America sees that asshat, they will be reminded of what a bag of batshit the Rethugs are.

Larry says he can still be an effective Senator..RIGHT..and Gonzo was going to stay because he could still be an effective AG.

These guys are SO desperate. It gives one pause to wonder why in the blue hell they just won’t go into that good night. Why??


Fred Thompson..his trial lawyer dayz…

The subtitle is intriguing in the WaPo article: “Cases Indicate Willingness to Defy GOP Orthodoxy” is it not? The article goes on to list cases ol’ Freddy has the 14 tons of Cannabis just for an example.

The article also tells us how Freddy supports and aligns himself with various lawyer groups who historically are despised by the Rethugs on The Hill. Its 3 pages long so bring your lunch.

WaPo evidently did their homework for this piece..its a good read check it out in the link above.

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Tom Delay speaks to College Republicans

Sweet Jesus in a speedo..the man tied abortion and illegals into one neat package..and these college-educated kids bought it! Also..why is it the young Repubes support the war but won’t enlist..well, it seems they have a plethora of excuses don’t ya know??

Max Blumenthal has a blog and a writeup on his trip to The College Republicans Convention at HuffPo. You rock Max! Seems our college Rethugs are cut in the Dick Cheney mold..aka chickenhawks!

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The latest Republican BS..

Today’s news items that will make you laugh, cry and want to throw things at Republicans:

From ThinkProgress: At a speech at the University of Arkansas this week, a teary-eyed Tim Griffin defended his record. Like former Justice official Monica Goodling — who called caging just “a direct-mail term — Griffin attempted to dismiss the allegations. He laid the blame on the “Internet stuff” and made jokes comparing caging to tending zoo animals.

John Kyl is a Kreep: Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) yesterday blocked Judiciary Committee vote on whether to authorize subpoenas to obtain secret documents related to the NSA’s warrantless domestic surveillance program. Kyl’s action “will block the vote for a week,” after which the Committee will “decide whether to issue the subpoenas or use them as leverage in negotiations with the Bush administration over access to the documents.”

Prison Time Is Urged for Griles: Ex-Interior Official Admitted Lying About Ties to Abramoff. Former deputy interior secretary J. Steven Griles asked lobbyist Jack Abramoff for many favors for close female friends and in exchange helped Abramoff’s clients at the government agency, according to prosecutors, who urged a federal judge to give Griles substantial prison time.

And last, but certainly not friggin least..we have Alberto pulling a fast one again.

Gonzales uses US Attorney appointment power that Congress banned:In a Senate Judiciary Committee business meeting Thursday morning, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) revealed that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales once again used an interim appointment authority at the heart of the US Attorneys controversy that Congress banned in a bill sent to the President for signature on June 4.

Gonzales Meeting With Monica Scrutinized: The Justice Department is investigating whether Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales sought to improperly influence the testimony of a departing senior aide, two of its senior officials said yesterday, adding a new dimension to the troubles already besetting the nation’s chief law enforcement official.

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