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California’s Feinstein still on the fence? Help push her off!

Watch this short commercial by Brad Whitford about the two bills that greatly differ with regards to the retroactive telecom immunity that BushCo is trying to shove down our throat. Chris Dodd, bless his heart, has promised to filibuster the craptastic one. DiFi hasn’t said how she feels about the bill.

Call DiFi and tell that slut to make up her little mind and support NO amnesty for the Telco’s.
Her phone numbers:
Call one of following phone numbers (if one is busy, call the next number):

202-224-3841 (Washington, DC)
310-914-7300 (Los Angeles)
415-393-0707 (San Francisco)
619-231-9712 (San Diego)
559-485-7430 (Fresno)

If Senator Feinstein is not your Senator, please call the Capitol switchboard toll-free to contact your Senator: