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The violent rightwing nutters have to be stopped..curbstomping women is never justified

Timmy ‘the thug’ Profitt with his man Rand

After MoveOn’s Lauren Valle’s head was stomped into a curb by a member of Rand Pauls’ team..I mean, thug, things have gotten to the end of the line as far as I am concerned. A rightwinger named Silverfiddle likes to comment on my blog when I post something negative about the batshit crazies known to us as Teabaggers.

He had the nads to post this quote on the post below this one…I quote him:

Thuggery begets thuggery… 

He gives nothing to support his comment, but as far as his rightwing nutter-ass is concerned, this type of behavior is evidently any situation.

It’s not…not by any group or individual. It’s disgusting, it’s ignorant and as far as I am concerned, its against the law as it’s an attack without provocation, because the individual, Tim Profitt, who stomped Lauren’s head and neck, is a truck load of pond scum who has zero credibility as an intelligent, thinking, rational human being.

Rand Paul originally loved this jackhole,as he listed his dumb ass as a wonderful, magnanimous supporter, ole Timmy had given him roughly 1500 bucks, per Lawrence O’Donnells show….before he moved far far away from this bag of batshit and dumped his disgusting ass after he curbstomped a small, unarmed female exercising her right to free speech. From the FDL piece linked above:

The Paul campaign has disassociated with Profitt, who was the campaign’s Bourbon County coordinator. But before they did, in today’s Lexington Herald-Leader, the Paul campaign ran a full-page ad touting Profitt’s support:Profitt’s name appears at the bottom of the ad.

If this doesn’t show the voters of KY wtf they will get if they elect Rand Paul…then they are so far gone over the edge, it is fucking hopeless. They are nothing more than ignorant, uneducated assholes who care nothing about the constitution or the bill of rights….merely getting a white male-led government again…ala George W. Bush.

I am happy to report this bag of sheep shit has been ordered to appear in court after Lauren was released from the hospital with a concussion. The sumbitch actually is defending his actions by blaming the ‘camera angle’, that he was concerned for Rand Paul’s safety and (I love this one) the cops should of intervened. From the Chron  link above:

Lexington Division of Police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said Tuesday that officers will deliver a summons to Profitt to appear in court. A judge will determine whether to proceed with an assault case.

Profitt said the fight never would have occurred if police officers had intervened earlier.

“A friend of mine went up to three policeman before Rand got there, and told them about the girl who was standing there with that wig on and that she was getting ready to do something,” Profitt said. “The policemen looked at him and said that’s not our job.”

 Oh yeah…a small female holding nothing but a cardboard sign was going to harm Rand Paul. Give me an effin break you American Terrorist. You fucking bully. You are a disgusting piece of human excrement Tim Profitt and I hope to hell you have charges to face in court…although considering the venue, I highly doubt it. The fight? You stupid fuck, there was no fight, she simply tried to protect herself from you stupid bastards..nothing more.

UPDATE: Lisa Graas, a KY blogger has Id’d the second asshole that went after Lauren.  His name is Mike Pezzano. Another douche nozzle who hopefully gets a summons to appear in court on this attack as well.

What do you mean it’s not monday?

It’s Tuesday, I know..but it feels like a Monday.

The Big O indoctrinates the kiddies today! Oh goodie! Whilst all the ringwing nutters in the country are screaming that our socialist Pres is trying to recruit for his Hitler Youth group, the Christian Science Monitor calls his speech..


That’s right, its fucking bland. The CSM says this:

To succeed in school and in life, you should:

a. work hard

b. set goals for yourself

c. take responsibility for your own actions

d. all of the above

The correct answer is “d,” of course. But every American kid knows that already.

And that’s the real problem with the president’s message, which will be broadcast live on the White House website and on C-SPAN: It’s bland, neutral, and mind-numbingly obvious. You can’t even imagine a cogent objection to it.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped GOP firebrands from trying. In the blogosphere, especially, Republicans have charged that Mr. Obama’s speech will indoctrinate students with his supposedly “socialist” views. Across the country, parents have demanded that schools obtain their permission before showing Obama’s speech to their children; others have announced that they will simply keep their kids home today.

But there’s nothing socialist – or even partisan – about Obama’s speech. If you think otherwise, go online and read the text of the speech or the White House’s suggested classroom activities to accompany it. One exercise asks children to make a poster of their goals; another instructs each student to “brainstorm” about what qualities promote personal success. Not a word about Obama’s positions on healthcare, taxes, or anything else.

Shit, no socialism? No partisanship? WTF Obama???? You are missing a grand opportunity Mr. President. sigh

Yet the nutters are foaming at the mouth. Thank the fucking media for all that publicity you freaks. If it wasn’t for the assholes would be relegated to the circular file on this topic.

Which is where all you fuckwits belong. The speech will be on Cspan at high noon.

In other news..of the nutter variety..Alternet has a good read up. The title?

10 of the Most Obscenely Stupid Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories and Attacks Against the President.

Great title, piqued my interest don’t ya know? The following one really set me howling:

Obama’s Nefarious Plan for the Nation’s Genitals

When news leaked of a CDC report recommending that boys be circumcised as a preventative measure against HIV infection, right-winger conspiracy theorists began to fret that the federal government would mandate circumcision.

Since Patrick Henry isn’t around, it was up to Rush Limbaugh to sound the rallying cry against tyranny: “Leave our penises alone, too, Obama!” roared Limbaugh in a July 24 radio broadcast.

The next day, while discussing an unrelated dispute with Jay-Z, the talk show host said, “I would remind the rapper Jay Z; Mr. Z, it is President Obama who wants mandated circumcision. We had that yesterday. That means if we need to save our penises from anybody, it’s Obama.”

Needless to say, Obama had nothing to do with the CDC report, and doesn’t appear to have ever publicly uttered the word “circumcision.” Nor did he recommend the CDC promote circumcision.

None of this, of course, discouraged Limbaugh from running with the best metaphor for white male anxiety about a loss of power and masculinity in the age of Obama, ever.

Good lord, help those that can’t keep themselves from being idiots of the highest order..please. They are embarassing us around the world. They are making us all look like loonies. Please lord get these assholes to a shrink..or just take them ‘home’ with you ok?

Thanks! 😉

Nutter punches 65 year old healthcare reform supporter.

If this doesn’t tell you what ignorant bags of batshit are on the anti-healthcare reform bandwagon…I don’t know what the hell will. From the RawStory link:

A 65-year-old man cheering healthcare reform in Miami was punched in the face and knocked to the ground by an opponent of a public health plan, according to a reporter at the scene. The rally took place outside a Great Miami Chamber of Commerce event where Florida Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL – below right) was speaking.

“Luis Perrero of Coral Gables was standing among about 40 Democratic activists and union workers when a man in a Ford pick-up truck pulled up to the rally at Jungle Island and began arguing with the crowd,” the Herald’s Tolouse Oloronippa blogged Wednesday. “The man, who only gave his first name as Raul, said Perrero called him a Spanish curse word. He punched Perrero in the face. Perrero fell to the ground and lay motionless for a few minutes.” Punching out an old man for crying out loud? Way to go, you worthless asshole!

The extreme nutters are coming out of the woodwork over the healthcare debate. We can blame Chuck the fuck Grassley and just about every other Rethug or Blue Dog for this violent bullshit.

They are feeding it, and the ‘rightwing terrorists’ are doing their part evidently. The 65 yo victim had this to say:

“I’m amazed the way this has become such a politicized issue,” Perrero said, while still sitting on the ground but sitting up. “It shows that people who are against the public option will resort to anything, including battery on a senior citizen to prevent healthcare reform.”

Sadly, I am not amazed. I expect it to get much worse. The Big O however will speak to the idiots in Congress Sept 9th. Can’t wait for this newest bullshit session. What do you want to bet he drops the Public Option? Any takers on that bet?

WAIT!!!! There is more. From C&L this video of the nutters shouting down a woman in a wheelchair at another townhall. Disgusting morons really take the cake.

Can there be any room for a centrist at a health care reform town hall meeting

They are marginalized, therefore they are bitter.

Reading MSNBC’s First Read this morning, I was struck right between the eyes by one section regarding the rightwing nutters coming out of the woodwork and why:

They were irritated with the direction of the country after the 2008 election, with a man as president they didn’t vote for, and with a Congress ruled by Democrats. They were angry with being out of power and having — because of being in the minority — what they felt was no say.

That, m’dear reader, is the crux of the problem. They are just pissed the fuck off that they LOST control of the government.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..fuck all you rightwing nutters..twice even. Suck it up and deal with it, like we had to do for eight-long-fucking-years under the Bush cartel.

Perhaps they all aren’t astroturfer’s after all. They are just highly pissed off that they are marginalized and have no real say anymore. All their representatives were either voted out or hanging onto districts thick with rightwing nutters when the majority of the state voted blue in 2006 and ‘08. So, like spoiled children all they can do is make a scene and scream at the top of their lungs. Again, from First Read:

But there was no indication that these folks were so-called “Astroturf” grassroots supporters. There were many who were affiliated with the tea parties and even LaRouchies likening Obama to Hitler. One LaRouche organizer said he was there to “cause some trouble.”


They are the true believers. They were also big-time Fox News viewers and Glenn Beck disciples, hammering home the perception that this is where these people get their news, er, information. One mother-daughter combo — unprompted — enthusiastically boasted, “Fox rules!” “It’s all we ever watch!”

These fuckwits will not go away quietly, they are going to raise holy hell every chance they get. Because, that is all they have…acting like a 3 year old in the grocery store that didn’t get his way. They will be constantly whipped up by the likes of Limbaugh, Dick Armey and their ilk.

So we need to fight fire with a gigantic money-laden firehose. From Politico:

A new coalition on Thursday launched $12 million in television ads to support President Barack Obama’s health reform plan, in the opening wave of a planned tens of millions of dollars this fall.

The new group, funded largely by the pharmaceutical industry, is called Americans for Stable Quality Care. It includes some odd bedfellows: the American Medical Association, FamiliesUSA, the Federation of American Hospitals, PhRMA and SEIU, the service employees’ union.

The decision of labor and progressive groups to join with industry groups could draw new heat about the president’s package from the left.

The ads began airing at about 11 a.m. ET Thursday.

At this point..I don’t give a shit who does it, I just want the nutters exposed and then marginalized once again. They lost, they are now the minority and as such get nothing but a lump of coal in their stockings. From Politico again:

The official provides a little more back story: “These groups were part of a looser coalition that started back in January that focused on the links between health reform and the economy. Now that the debate is turning on what health reform means for the individual, they felt the need to launch a new front that addresses some of those particulars while debunking some of the myths that are floating around. Plus, these groups recognize that their collective voice packs more punch than if they were to just speak out individually.”

As long as they have money and connections..go for it..slap the shit out of the reichwing have my permission.

The militia nutters are back in force.

At least according to Alternet they are:

A couple of months ago, a newly formed militia reared its head in a familiar place — the Panhandle of Northern Idaho. Sisyphus at 43rd State Blues had a full description:

Sporting a photoshopped image of the Statue of Liberty with the torch replaced by an assault rifle, as well as displaying the flag from the “Republic of Idaho”, another newly formed Idaho militia crawls out from the wilderness to register their displeasure with the status quo yet offering no solutions other than vague grade school platitudes and a thinly veiled threat of revolution. As is their wont they invoke the civil war cry of state sovereignty. …

The General applied to be a sniper with them, and got a positive response. Kewl!

But it’s not just northern Idaho.

It’s occurring across a broad swath of the Northwest, mostly in rural precincts, as a Missoulian story recently explored:

“It’s the old Freemen days,” Anderson said. “That’s what we’re seeing here again. And it’s not just Lincoln County.”

Lincoln County Detective Capt. Jim Sweet agrees that “there’s an uprising of anti-government groups that’s definitely connected to the election of the Obama administration.”

Law enforcement agencies throughout the multi-state region, Sweet said, are “talking about the patterns. It’s obviously bigger than Lincoln County.”

People are afraid of losing gun rights, he said, and they’re stockpiling weapons and ammunition, and they want a sheriff who will stand up to federal agents.

“It’s a power thing,” Anderson said. “They want the power to buck the fed and federal gun laws.”

Anderson said he traveled recently to Kalispell for an “intelligence meeting” with several federal, state and local jurisdictions – including the FBI, county sheriffs and city police – to discuss “this radical response to Obama’s election, and to make sure we all know what’s going on.”

Obama never said anything about taking guns from lawful citizens..never! These fucking nutters are just pissed that a black man leads our nation.